Thursday, May 1, 2008

Company is coming, so you know what that means...

The month of May is here. Welcome to you, May.

This is a strange and bewildering time for me and my family, and here is why. I have different sets of company coming for visits on multiple weekends during this particular month AND I'm going out of town for my getaway with Superman J (who said I could just call him Super J on the blog because then I don't have to type as much...feel the love.) AND it's Miss E's birthday, which means we finally get to have the "astronaut" party she's been telling EVERYONE she's going to have for the last year or so. I'm already tired! I'm not 100% sure why everyone seems to have picked May for the time to visit the Zoo Peters' Casa, though I do know *I'm* not supposed to travel after July, but still.

What this means, Gentle Reader, is that I'm very excited to see my many friends; yet it also means that my O.C.D. (not to be confused with C.O.D. which I just typed) is going to require me that I keep my house spotless prior to each guests arrival. Either that, or I will finally learn that all important life lesson that it's okay to have an almost tidy house when company comes...but I am pretty sure it'll be the first.

For me, I have an unspoken (till now) inner mantra that says, "The first time someone comes into my home, they should be greeted with it clean and spotless, a wonder to behold, so that they know that I am capable of cleaning even in the midst of all my little children and other daily things of life." After that, tidied up will do for any other visits (because they will already know I can clean the dickens out of my house!). As Super J has pointed out to me on several occasions, this is not realistic (to say the least!), and as my pregnancy moves on, it's really just a great way to get tired by 12:39 in the afternoon. Let's check the time: 2:15 by my computers clock. I am very tired. BUT!!!! My upstairs looks great and I just need to fold some laundry and I'm almost ready for company.

I say almost because my friend is going to be delayed by a few hours and will be arriving later. I am both bummed and glad about it...bummed because I won't have as much time to visit with her, and glad because I still have the downstairs to polish up, so I actually have been able to slow down my frantic cleaning (hence, why my rear is planted in front of the computer) and I'm even thinking of a nap very shortly. Wahoo.

This still does not fix the "issue" of cleaning with the zeal of a fleet of Merry Maids. I'm not sure what will. Actually that is a lie...because any time I get a weird jab of pain, I sit my keister down. But still. That doesn't fix the inner need to impress people who I know already love me and could care less what my house looks like.


***NEWS BULLETIN***Here is a huge subject change and you are here to witness it fresh and raw, Gentle Reader: Miss E stayed home from school (dratted fever) and has fallen asleep on the couch. It is 2:26. Things could be worse than having a kinda sick kid fall asleep in the afternoon when they usually don't nap. Miss A has finished playing a game and went over to pester her. I told her to get away from her and let her sleep. Did she? No. I tell her again. Does she? No. AGAIN, I tell her to leave her alone and let her sleep. Nope. Now my keister has left the computer chair and I have now sent Miss A to her room....ohhhhhhhhhhh I am MAD.

HELLO! I am SPEAKING to you, Eldest Daughter (actually, I'm not speaking to her now...I'm just typing what I was thinking). How can my own fruit of my womb, ignore me like that, until I get my Devil Mom voice going. Then we all feel terrible. ARGH. I try to remember what it must have been like as a child, to have a mom who told you what to do oh-so-very often, but in the golden glow of personal memory, I was never a pesky child (except for rare occasions).

Alrighty. Thank you for letting me get that out. Good to vent that before going in and visiting with said Eldest Daughter madder than a fury. Breathing in...breathing out. In with the calm, nurturing Mother air...out with the crazed She-Devil who wants to spank. In with the calm, out with the crazed. In...Out. In. Out.

Okay, I'm better. Whoooooooo-ew.

It's during moments like these when I am sooooo ready for my little getaway. But first, gotta deal with Miss A and then get back to folding. I still have company coming.

Have a good first day of May, Gentle Reader!

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Katie said...

You are so silly - cleaning the house for me. No need, gentle Miss L.
Thanks again for an awesome time. I hope the girls are OK.