Friday, April 4, 2008

Bloggin Ribs...

Time 1:15

By 12:34 (for some reason, I love it when I see the clock like that), batch #2 was underway. The brownies were in the oven. And my sweet angels were praising me for being such a great mom.

Well...that's not quite what happened, but not too far off.

J got home with A, and she has no temperature--I mean, she has no fever (she's not a statue, after all). Whew. She does seems a little draggy, so I might try to see if she'll nap. I have to say, good husband that I have, J cut through the next batch of ribs...with a bit more enthusiasm than I was prepared for...hmmmm. ANYWAY! We got those going and J ate while I finished the brownies. I put them in the oven and was cleaning up the mess when all of a sudden I remembered: I did not grease the pan before I put the low fat (read: not a heck of a lot of oil) brownie mix into it. CURSES! J, with sincerity in his voice, said, "Thank you for not being perfect." ugh. My facade is RUINED!!!!!!

Oh well.

Next, J and I put the sheets back on the girls bed (did I mention how stellar my husband is today? He's a rock star, I tell you, and I am mightily blessed). I went down to feed my kids (notice the time???? Oh yeah, it's 1:20 now and O is still up. And what am I doing? Yep. Blogging!) and check on the ONE pot of ribs.

Yes, I finally paid attention to the directions and PUT THE RIBS IN THE POT FIRST and THEN, COVER WITH WATER. Amazingly, when you do it like that, they all fit! That said, it is a very full pot...and boiling water is still jumping out of it, and I have managed to literally slop some of the stuff on my floor and on myself. ugh. The happy is 1:30 and they have about 15 minutes left before I take it off the heat. What, you say? You started it at 12:34, and you are to cook for 45-60 minutes. Yes. But it's a big pot of water and took longer to boil than the first round. Soon, I'll start the rolls and the potatoes. Yum. That'll take care of the food on my part.

For the house, still on the To Do list: dust, vacuum and put fresh towels in the bathroom (I cleaned that yesterday), change the laundry. Holy cow, I'm going to be ready to sit down for dinner. lolol. But first, go put O down for her 15 minutes!!!!

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