Saturday, March 15, 2008

You have got to be kidding me...

So, can I just say that I'm gobsmacked by this Eliot Spitzer nonsense. I mean, really now.
Here's what hashes me:
  1. That he has the nerve to have his wife, who has most likely just found out that this "paragon of virtue" has been cheating on her, REPEATEDLY for YEARS, put on a brave face and stand next to him in not one, but TWO, press conferences. She totally should have said, "Go stand by yourself, you lying piece of garbage, and explain your own actions. I'm taking the car and girls and going ANYWHERE away from here."
  2. Spitzer has 3 teenage would he feel if one of them was working in this profession, regardless of clientele! ARGH! It infuriates me, the hypocrisy!!!!!!
  3. That the trollop with whom he's been having these dalliances is becoming famous, in that useless "celebrity" sort of way, and that tacky, inappropriate pictures are all over the place of her, and she's now claiming copyright infringement. For crying out loud.
  4. That what they BOTH did was illegal, but now SHE is being offered immunity (thus continuing the above cycle) for her testimony. You know, if she was a $25 junkie hooker, I wonder how this story would be played out.

I just have to wonder at our society and why we are drawn, like moths to killer flames, to this type of trash and then ask for more. And then I start to worry for my girls, because there are now expectations out there that weren't around in "my day" and I realize that Jason and I need to be even more diligent in how we raise them. What is it that Professor Moody says in the Harry Potter books? "Constant Vigilance!" So true.

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Lacie Muramoto said...

So good to hear that you, my dear, are feeling better! On a completely different note... thank you for summing up what the rest of America is feeling right about now! It's ridiculous that we have to listen to all this garbage. What's worse is that we elect these people to represent us. It's sad! Anyway- as always I love reading what you have to say, I think you could make a fabulous career as some sort of columnist or something!