Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

"Mohn-day, Monday," sing the Mamas & the Papas.
Happy Green Leprechaun day where you can potentially get pinched in an undesirable way for not wearing an appropriately colored hue...though come to think of it, when *IS* it even remotely desirable to get pinched. That ranks right up there with being tickled against your will. VERY annoying. But I digress.

What a weekend. I'm so glad it's over, even if it's raining and the kids are going stir crazy on their first day of Spring Break. This begs the question: what, besides t.v. and coloring and play-dough and Barbies and maybe a puzzle, can you do with the kids/have the kids do to entertain themselves when they are cloistered indoors when you, yourself, have absolutely NO desire to even do the above things with them. Any suggestions?

So, in any case, I don't think it can be considered lying when I said that I was on the mend in a post a few days ago, but I forgot that when one is expecting that your body...well, it's just not running on "normal" anyway, and by Sunday morning...ewww. Let's just call it, "Relapse with a special nod to morning sickness." Oh my holy cow. It's a good thing that Jason was wise enough to call a Quarantine on our house for the rest of the weekend, and I already had a sub for Sunday (bless you, again, Jennifer!!!), because...what a mess and I sincerely didn't feel great for a while. The good news is that once the vomit hour was over, my voice came back to a slight degree.

On top of that, I decided, too, that I wasn't going to take any medicine until bedtime (and even then, if absolutely necessary) because I started worrying that if my lips were dry and chapping and my sinuses were drying out, what about NEW BABY! Ah yes. The Panic.

I'm sure The Panic is one of Jason's favorite things about me being pregnant. I have these moments where I start mentally hyperventilating that "something is wrong!!!!!" and it can really be about anything, but yesterday it was about medicines. I start re-researching all my worries and he has to reassure me that a) I have had these afflictions EVERY pregnancy and have been just fine each time or b) you were worse during ABC's pregnancy and it turned out just fine or c) there are many things worse than Sudafed for 3 days that I could have been taking and I have done this with all the pregnancies before so it'll be fine and d) I must have some faith (okay, that's actually what I glean from the pep talks, but still). Anyway, reason did prevail so I wasn't completely hysterical, but I didn't take any meds until bedtime anyway.

I *did* drink about half a lake of water and herbal tea and I knew I was feeling better when I actually made some food that didn't come right out of a box; poor kids and their many meals of Mac & Cheese. I made Jason actually get some Kraft Mac & Cheese on Friday (I think?), you know, the one in the blue box which truly is "the Cheesiest" or as Abigail calls it "The Kind from Wal-Mart," because that's where we normally buy it. She's not a big fan of generic Mac & Cheese, as I've now discovered. Suffice to say, we've had a lot of Mac & Cheese this weekend, so as stated above, I knew I was starting to feel better when I actually made a simple but non-box meal...with a dessert.

Anyway, the gift of Monday and Spring Break and rainy weather is that I feel no desire to even leave the house, so that's good too. Indeed, I am not even worried about what color clothing I actually wear today. Earlier this morning, Abigail asked me if I had any green on, with a certain gleam in her eye, and I answered (in typical Winner of the Mother of the Week Award), "Anyone who pinches me gets a spanking." Ah yes. It was a sure sign that not only do I NOT want to go anywhere today, perhaps it's best NOT to go anywhere today. :)

But for everyone else venturing out this day, I hope it's enjoyable! And I hope you don't get pinched, unless you really want to be, of course.


Adrienne said...

Oh I am so sorry that you had to hop the upchuck trolley. I hope you are feeling better. Ah, rainy days with children. Little, busy, busy children. Let me check on mine -- oh, not even out of jammies, and it's noon. Maybe I should get on that. Nah.

Lacie Muramoto said...

I have sooo many craft books filled with fabulous ideas for the kids. If that fails the internet is always an excellent source of quick and easy crafts. However, they do only last a maximum of 15 minutes, so unless you're planning on doing ALOT of them, this isn't going to help you our for the other 10 hours you have them!!! My kids go off track on Wednesday, for 3 weeks. I'm excited for the first week and then after that I'm thinking about sticking them in an off track program at the rec center!! Seriously!! Do let me know, if you come up with any great ideas to cure the boredom!

Laurenda said...


Must confess that I, myself, got out of my pj's a little after the twelve o'clock hour, so you have company with that. :)

Laurenda said...

Lacie! Books??? Wha??? :) This is, indeed, what I need to do--some research!!!!! You know, I need to do crafts with my kids...I just don't WANT to do crafts with them. Thank goodness Abigail is such a self starter and pulls out the markers for her and Elisabeth and the crayons for Olivia. :) Good luck with the off-track stuff! We don't have year round school here, and I was just looking into when Kindergarten Roundup was (April). Time is FLYING! Love ya! And thanks for the suggestion. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

Am glad you're feeling some better. *good thoughts*