Monday, March 10, 2008


Just a few minutes ago, Abigail got in trouble and was sent to "The Step." She has, shall we say, a tendency towards the dramatic, and thus the weeping and wailing began. Well, out of sympathy I suppose, Olivia began to "cry." Oh, uh huh. Sad, pathetic little whimpers with her head cocked to one side, she hovered near her sister, showing empathy. Then Elisabeth came over and with big crocodile tears falling said, "Mom, you scared me when you got mad at Abigail." I explained to her that I was not mad at Abigail but that there are consequences to our actions and I wasn't going to have her yelling at Olivia (that, as we all know, is MY job).

I have to, in my defense, say that I really did NOT get mad at Abigail. She had been coloring and was loudly yelling at Olivia because Olivia was starting to color on/wrinkle/RUIN her art work. She had been warned twice and was then sent to "The Step" with much boo-hooing which immediately makes me want to send her to her room, because honestly by that point, my patience has been stretched pretty thin.

After all got calmed down, I tried to get them to go outside. I am desperate for warm true Spring. I need it to be warm at 5:30. Instead, it is maybe 40 degrees outside. I get lighter jackets out of the coat closet. I also then get the Dramas of the Coats:

"This coat is too warm!"
"It won't be once you are out there."
"I don't want this coat! You need to roll up the sleeves!"
"Please leave that sleeve alone. You don't need it rolled up. It's fine and will keep you hands warmer."
"I don't want this coat! Why does Elisabeth get that coat?" (listen carefully and you'll hear my patience snap. Wait for it. **SNAP!!!** )
"For crying out loud!! Go to 'The Step.'"

Abigail joins us about 3 minutes after we venture outside. She pouts the entire time, claiming she just wants to be alone but everyone is following her **sniff, sniff**. Considering that I've been video taping the entire episode (this is for another post, but I've finally FINALLY figured out who/what Olivia reminds me of when she runs, which is the most hilarious sight to behold), I know for a fact that this is not true. We are outside about 3 more minutes before Elisabeth is cold. Abigail is cold. I've had it. And, of course, Olivia doesn't want to come inside, and who can blame her really, until she gets something in her shoe. "Ow!" And she grudgingly comes up to the deck, but still won't come inside until I carry her in, with much protest (on her part, not mine).

We come in and I put on "Yo Gabba Gabba", episode, "Love." I hope it inspires me.

Ahhhhh, yes. I'm sure this episode will cinch the "Mother of the Week" award for me, yet again.


Lacie Muramoto said...

Again as I said before... reading this is as though I'm on the phone with you! You are hysterical!!

Laurenda said...

Thanks Lacie!!! You are too sweet. :) L