Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Death Warmed Over

Sooooo, last night I finally succumbed to whatever viral plague the children had last week and all I can say is that I should have been a kinder, more loving parent. lol.

Seriously, I have a sinus headache that is somewhat blinding. I'd compare it to a migraine, but I'm not incapacitated...just really pained by it. And my neck hurts. You know those sinus-y areas below your ears, where all the doctors feel to see if your throat really hurts? Those I pulled some neck muscles hurt. That being said, my throat doesn't hurt, though it's itchy scratchy. But it's the chest constrictions...feels like someone is sitting on your chest and then when you cough, it's like someone is ripping off some hot wax strip thing. Yegads!

And, of course, I can only take Tylenol (I sure miss my ibuprofen) and sudafed, and I think I can take Robitussin. Around 3 am this morning, I was creeping through the house trying to find a cough drop. Very sad and pathetic. I finally found one in Jason's drawer (I think I was led by Divine Inspiration), and would have woken him up to kiss him if I wasn't so exhausted by that time.

Anyway, the moral of this story is that I can take almost nothing of help. So, I'm just drinking lots of fluids and not worrying about doing anything around the house. The television, again, is babysitting the children. ugh. Thank goodness for Hi-5 and Yo Gabba Gabba! And a little Super Why. lol.

And nap time. I have 10 minutes to go before I, too, get a nap. Hallelujah. :)


Jennifer Lee said...

And when, exactly, were you going to call for reinforcements?

Lacie Muramoto said...

I am so sorry that you're sick, I do have to say that after all the kids had their bouts with all the illness going around, I did, as you did, get sick from them. I am however grateful that I didn't get it while they got it, that would've been way worse. However, I'm still going to put "why can't Mom's call in sick to someone" on my questions to ask God when I meet him. If only Jason had his babysitting thing up and going in all states of america, then I'd have a babysitter and I wouldn't have to worry about all of this nonsense. I do hope you get better and we will put you in our family prayers tonight, which by the way always work!! So hopefully by tomorrow you'll be feeling much better!!


Laurenda said...

Lacie, I love that. Jason did a pretty good job helping out with the kids before he got it, too. Then it just became a sad situation. lolol.