Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello to Any/All New Readers

I just wanted to say that I sent out a big "blind" email announcing to my friends and family that I actually had a blog. So, to anyone for whom this is new: Welcome.

We've been so bad at getting information out about our family that I finally decided to do something about it. It's not a spectacular blog, but hopefully it'll be a place that you can visit when you are wondering, "Hmmmmm...haven't heard from Laurenda and her family for a while. What's she been up to?" My goal is to, at some point, have pictures so you can see what the girls are doing/look like. At that point, I'll probably resend my mass email and invite you personally to the blog so I have some element of control over who can see my beauties. But for now, it's just my ramblings about current life circumstances, and I HIGHLY doubt anyone but family and friends would be too concerned about it.

Let's see...I've been doing this since Feb 28, so not long at all. We are still Laurenda, Jason, Abigail (5), Elisabeth (3) and Olivia (20 months) and a baby on the way due in August(ummm...I'm pregnant again for those who didn't know. See? Bad about getting information out).

Let me know if you have any trouble with the blog, or helpful constructive hints, or interesting relevant suggestions, or even a blog of your own. In the meantime, many thanks for taking time to read it!!!!

I guess I better go get Olivia off from the middle of the table where she seems to have stranded herself. sigh.

Again, welcome!

:) Laurenda


Keith & Kristan Knickerbocker said...

Love your blog. It's very inspiring. Maybe I should resume mine?I actually created one back in December but didn't get very far. Maybe I'll try again. Who knows! Talk to you soon.:)

Lacie Muramoto said...

You know you have always been an amazing writer! When we first met and would send random emails, when I read them it were as though I was talking to you on the phone because you write in the exact same way that you talk!! It cracks me up!! I love it, and I will check in everyday as I do all my blogger friends!!