Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Consequences

Hello Daylight Savings Time. I wish you didn't mess me up so bad, else I'd love to greet you more warmly (no pun intended). I love more light during the day and evening, even if studies have PROVEN that it doesn't save any money on electricity because you end up heating/cooling your house more. C'est la vie. It is nice to see the sun set.

Of course, it means that the older daughters start in with comments like, "It's not time for bed yet because the sun is still up." Ummmmmm, no. It's still time for bed. I even tried to get to bed early last night, but ended up reading until about 11:30. I'm re-reading Twilight. I need to be reading one of two books for my book clubs I'm in, but I'm not. sigh. Twilight is like watching a favorite program, where you already know the ending, but love to watch it anyway. Speaking of favorite programs, I'm like that with pretty much all Jane Austen movie interpretations, my favorite being Sense and Sensibility. I like the familiarity, I think, and knowing I can put it down (or turn it off, as the case may be) and there's no stress for getting it done. So, it's relaxing for the most part.

And heaven knows I need some relaxing. Last night, or should I say, this morning, Elisabeth came to our room and tried to wake Jason up around 4 (which on Friday night was actually 3) saying she was scared. Jason was sound asleep, but she succeeded in waking me up, and then I woke Jason up. Long story short, she wasn't scared but had a fever of 103. Nice. Actually, she could have been scared, but she was also sick. Poor baby. It's so rare for her to get out of bed at such a time that I, of course, was immediately awake and searching for the thermometer and ibuprofen and then have more trouble getting back to sleep. Olivia woke up at 5 something, so I got her 4 oz of milk to drink and then Jason woke me up at 7:30 to go get Abigail up (in pre-Daylight Savings time, she woke up at 6:30, which now is 7:30) and get her ready for school while he got ready for work, which is our normal routine. As I was walking into her room, she's already coming down the bunk bed ladder. Just like clockwork. I was hoping to sneak back to bed, but Olivia woke up around 8:00 and is currently up with me. This, of course, does not count the times I woke up to use the bathroom, either. sigh.

Since I've been married and pregnant, I seriously cannot remember sleeping through the night. It happens periodically (and by that I mean, if all the planets and their moons are in alignment with earth during a solar flare, periodically) and it almost always messes me up more because I'm my normal sleep deprivation state is almost overwhelmed by the beauty of a full night's rest. In the meantime, hallelujah for naps.

It's worth it, the sleep deprivation for the kiddos (most of the time). :) Last night we were at dinner at our friends (and can I just say, HOLY COW about their delicious pork chops), and they had some Barbies and Abigail was playing with them after the meal. Picture if you will the adults are sitting around the table chatting away when all of a sudden, Abigail says (probably more loudly than she realized), "Excuse me, Funny Sisters. Will you help me unload the car? It's so full of things." She said something else but I can't remember because I was cracking up so hard. I think we all paused because, ever polite, Abigail will come up to an adult and say, "Excuse me," to interrupt the conversation and then ask for whatever she's wanting. So, we all paused in our conversation to hear her, and she was totally talking to these Barbies! Too funny. One of those priceless moments that was probably more hysterical in person than reading about it, but it was funny. Kids are funny; they are sweet and at this age really do love you unconditionally. And that's why it's worth it to be so tired and praising nap time.

Ahhhh, Elisabeth is up. She still feels warm. I'm off to find the thermometer.

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Lacie Muramoto said...

Look at you Laurenda Lou!! I'm so excited that your blogging and that I'll get to keep in touch. I can't even tell you how much I miss Vegas, you, your girls and the giant monstrosity in the backyard!! You were such an amazing friend!! I need pictures! Post pictures so I can see those cute little ones of yours!!