Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year, Skip a Day?

Happy Leap Day!!!!!

So, how's this for bizarre? Have you ever woke up and NOT been sure what day it is/was? I find it ironic that it happened on a day that is normally NOT in my calendar. Hmmmmmmm.

Anyway, that was me this morning, and it's the weirdest feeling! I woke up, thinking I was hearing the baby (it was just Abigail watching a family of her favorite things to do. In fact, since she was a baby, she loves to get up at the CRACK of dawn and since that's not necessarily embraced by the rest of the family, she often gets to watch her favorite programming...videos of herself as a baby. But I digress...). Then, I was wondering why Jason was taking a shower so early in the morning, but figured it's not necessarily uncommon on a Saturday, and then I remembered, "Oh! He's going to be cleaning the church this (Saturday) morning." And then with an unhappy jolt, I realized that I also have plans to help out at a baby shower and needed to go pick up some bagels. But wait! I hadn't ordered the bagels yet! YEGADS! I had dropped the ball. I needed to hurry because I still needed to get ready and get to the store and...and...and...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wait. I hadn't ordered them for a reason. Whew!

I sank back into bed a little relieved until I realized that I still needed to get Abigail dressed and ready for school and breakfast still needed to be made and daily life stuff still needed to get done.

SUCH a weird way to start off the day. And as I look at the clock, I realize that I'm totally tired and yet time is whizzing by. And I still have dishes to do and gotta get Elisabeth dressed and get ready to go get some blood work done, and...and...and I still gotta order those bagels for tomorrow!!!! :)

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