Thursday, February 28, 2008

The first of many

I know I have some friends who will absolutely cringe because I now, too, have a family blog page. I have fallen prey to the latest fad. I have succumbed. But I really don't feel as bad as I thought I would. I have many friends who have, let's face it, the CUTEST and/or CLEVEREST blogs around. The have inspired me to think, I could maybe sorta do this. And then finally, the last straw came tonight from my Beloved. Yes. I blame this "conversion" on my husband.

Let me explain.

About a year ago, my obsession began. Actually earlier than that, but I was naive and didn't appreciate the format for what it was. I'm part of an AWESOME online book club, Les Liseuses, and it's part of the Blogger community. Huh. Should have triggered something, mais non.

THEN, My Beloved started me on the trail of a politician who has since left the race (Oh, Mitt, how we miss you!). We donated. We put up signs. We PARTICIPATED in the crazy world of democracy. For our anniversary, he (the beloved husband, not Mitt) took me to a fund raising dinner and I got to actually meet said candidate, and I was hooked. I started searching newspaper articles to see how he (Mitt, not the beloved husband) was doing. I longed for connection to others who were, like me, too involved in the primary political scene. And I found them. Many a political blog fed the obsession, flaming the fire so to speak. It didn't help that my condition actually gave me time to sit and become transfixed with the blogs either. I was so sick (or so spotting!) during my first trimester that sitting was the best option, and what better thing to do than fritter away time whilst waiting for nausea to pass?

And then he dropped out (Mitt, not My Beloved....By the way, My Darling Beloved's name is J. I may just start calling him that. I mean, I do at home. It might be simpler to call him J in my blog as that is his name, and most people who read this blog will also know him by J. Now that I think about it, you probably aren't calling him "My Beloved" anyway. And if you are, I'm not sure I really want to know about it. So, from here on out, I'll just call him "J," but you'll know that I also think of him quite fondly in sweet sacchariny ways). Where does one turn when one's addiction becomes dried up?

No kidding, in the space of a week, two friends sent me invites for their blogs. HOORAY!!! It was fun to read about them and their sweet families and listen to their downloaded music and marvel at their creativity in their formats and picture arrangements. Holy cow! How I admire them!!!!! (and in all seriousness, speaking of these incredible formats, etc. etc., let's be realistic: don't expect that much from me. I WANT to be like that, I ENVY their style and hope to achieve a modicum of it, but truth be I'm an existing template kind of girl. But I'll try. Maybe I'll prove myself wrong. And yet...well, let's not hold our collective breathes, okay?)

And then I discovered a few more on my own, and another friend said I should start blogging (and, I should note, she also has an incredibly clever and great blog which I just found tonight) and yesterday I nearly started one but then chickened out. HOWEVER, while reading her blog this evening, J said, "You could do that." And the last straw fell, and I said, Okay.

So here we are. Getting ready for the first official post of Zoo Peters, named because, with three little girls and a baby on the way, my life sometimes really does resemble that. It's worth it, most days. Ha!

Okay. Alrighty. I'm getting ready to post this, so I'm just taking a moment. J said that this will be like journaling/scrapbooking. Considering that my written journal doesn't even know that I'm pregnant with baby #4, this things already ahead of the game.

Good times await. And with that, I'm pushing the publish post button in 3...2...


Jennifer Lee said...

Great first post. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. You will, no doubt, elevate the community. Or at least entertain us.

Laurenda said...

You are too kind. Thank you! And you win the "First to Post a Comment" award!!!! Go you!!!

:) Laurenda

Jason said...

Very nice entry. It certainly was a ride with Mitt. Our political blinders have certainly fallen off. I don't think we will ever view politics the same again. That's a good thing. I must say, I am glad we are back to using my first name. "My Beloved" has all kinds of meanings. Like "My Beloved" will you take out the trash, "My Beloved" this dirty diaper is calling for you or "My Beloved" you'll need to leave, my husband will be home soon. "Jason" works just great for me: clear, concise, no hidden meanings, and especially no lofty expectations to live up to:)

I am already looking forward to the next post.


(ps. I would have been first, but strangely I didn't have permission. huh?)

Laurenda said...

You get the "My Absolute Beloved's" first comment award!!! Yay you!!!

And you are so right about the Mitt/politics things.

Love you!

ps. Thanks for changing that dirty diaper, Jason. :)

Katrina said...


Just a hey. My journal's on LJ, and, of course, I've been doing it for years. Sometimes I post daily. Then I'll go months without. It's fun, either way. and think, the future will have a snapshot of us.

I kind of like that idea. :)

*waves more* Love ya sis. Welcome to the future. :)