Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goings and Comings the first weekend in March

I think you really appreciate your partner even more when they are M.I.A. for a while. This week is CRAZY with Jason's travels and I am reminded how grateful I am for how much he does with the girls and for me. Even if he's just gone for the day, it means that I'm responsible for dropping off/picking up from preschool, which means that I'm getting four people (myself included) ready in the morning instead of one, getting everyone out the door by 8:10 and keeping an eye on the clock for pickup. This is actually very good practice for later in life, but while I'm pregnant, I must confess that I don't really feel like going ANYWHERE, so this is even more fun.

But, first things first: Let me share just a few highlights for the past few days...
  • Saturday: Baby shower was a smashing success. Remembered the bagel (though could have gotten at a closer store...what was I thinking?) Hats off to Kristan and Sarah, who basically put the whole thing together, and Jennifer for totally pitching in. So fun. Late Lunch was also fun...I think I should always just get appetizers for the meal. lol. The weather was beautiful, albeit windy. But I'll take 70 degrees to what we got on Monday. ugh.
  • Sunday: Love my calling as Primary Chorister. Am completely exhausted after church, though. I had all sorts of weird physical afflictions I don't normally enjoy (like headaches and the 'reahs and overall fatigue) for the rest of Sunday. This is the second time I've had this so I know it's not a virus. Hmmmm. Luckily we had friends over for dinner and that always helps--the house gets tidied, the food gets cooked and the kids LOVE them so it's nice to have the bonus of other adults to talk with and interact.
  • Sunday night: This deserves its own bullet. On Friday, Jason was just telling our friends how great Olivia was doing at not following Elisabeth's example of pooping in the tub (Sorry for the T.M.I. moment, but it's true. E was our worst offender with this). Sure enough, the first night Jason is out of town, what does Olivia do? JINXED, I tell you. I was JINXED! Thank goodness for Re-ox and the phone, because you can bet that I called Jason at his hotel and let him keep me company whilst cleaning that lovely surprise.
  • Monday: Luckily had help getting Abigail to school. Whew. Did not sleep well AT ALL (this is par for the course when the husband is gone). So, Tired-and-Crabby (that would be me) worked to mother my poor children all day. We did manage to get to Aldi's, which makes me feel better having stuff in the fridge and cupboards again (don't you love the first of the month????). But it was sooooo cold! A 40 degree drop in temperature really is very obvious and it just felt BITTER outside. It didn't help that I was feeling that inside; well, not necessarily bitter, but just grumpy! Ugh. This is a prime example of one of those days when I'm not as tuned in with my children as I want to be. I've been having those quite a bit, but I'll save that for another post. Anyway, all of us were sooooo happy to see Jason in the evening, and I kept a particular eye on Olivia so as not to repeat Sunday night's incident. Which leads to...

Why I'm so glad to have such a great husband who happens to be a great dad. Not everyone is that blessed, I know. So I feel particularly lucky. He is adored by all of us, that's for sure. And I really do sleep better when he's in the house. So, hopefully today will be a better day. :)

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Jason said...

I sure love you to Laurenda. I'll be home soon.

Love, Jason.