Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Glasses with Newish Hair Cut!!!!

...and my Metropolis Temple 5K LDS Temple Run t-shirt.  Sassy, non?
Sorry about the grainy-ness of the picture; as Super J says, you just can't get decent quality pictures from my laptop camera.  Still. Gets the job done and that's what matters in this particular instance.  See, my hair is shorter!  And see?  My glasses are more squarish.  I think I'm just excited that I still kinda look like a librarian...or at least someone who enjoys books, both of which are facts.


Katrina said...

Lookin' good! Seems like it was a hair cuttin' day (me too, is what I mean... this afternoon, got it all cut off again...)

I like your glasses. :)

*big hugs* Love ya, sis! :)

Leslie said...

You look so great!!