Sunday, May 22, 2011

In Honor of Rediscovered Friends

Have you ever found a friend on FB.  I mean, a friend from your past when you were young (I mean, YOUNG), and that you kept in touch with via letters through your years of schooling and moving and more schooling and then lost track of after high school?

Me, too!  Just yesterday!!!!!  Wahoo!  If this isn't what FB is good for, then I don't know what it's purpose is (though, according to that movie, it was to find hawt girls at Harvard and to make lots of money, but you know.  Whatevs.  I'm not the target audience for that).

And, since I told her I have a blog, I wanted to get some pictures on here so she could see some more recent photos.

So, then, here's a quick snapshot of those of us living here at the Zoo:

Clockwise from top left: Miss E (just turned 7), Miss A (8),
Miss Q (2.5...wowzers.  Is she ever 2 almost 3), and Miss O (4)
These are the girls!

Super J!!!!!  He will be THRILLED I used this picture.  THRILLED, I tell you.
This is the husband!
Miss L, after church
This is Me!  Yep, this is me still with make-up, hair and earrings after church, also enjoying much better day lighting for computer pictures (I'm just saying...sorry Super J).  This is NOT how I normally look.  Normally, I sport The Frazzle as a look I embraced and made my own about...oh...eight years ago

This is the cute picture that I took with me and Miss E, who came up to tell me that the girls are coloring on the table and may or may not have accidentally colored ON the table, so I made her pose with me in a picture. 

What, you can't see this picture?????

Yeah.  Alas, I goofed saving something whilst having deleted it just moments prior (because that's how I roll, Gentle Reader.  I am a myriad of walking talents).  So, imagine me with my cutie patootey seven year old.  She is a doll.

Left to right, Miss A (age 8), Miss O (age 4), Miss L (age Older than Twenty-one)
Oh!  Here are some of my other dolls coming up while I am writing this.  They are telling me that they are currently needing my help making confetti.  Interestingly, I have never made confetti with them so I am amused they think this is part of my skill set.  Also, I am a bit worried about if they are making confetti out of their newly colored paper (on the colored table) or something else, as I had no idea they were even GOING to make confetti.
Yeah, I better go check on things before things get more out of hand.


Pam said...

Lovely! What an inspiration you are. Already blogging about stuff. I wish I was so prompt. I do have to say the fb has been fun to rediscover gone but nor forgotten friends. Thanks for finding me.

Bethany said...

I do so love finding old friends. Glad you found another one. :)