Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I've Learned in the Past 24 Hours

As the title says, these are things that have really hit home oh so recently:

1. Yoga X, which asks you to stay in the present and breathe deeply and concentrate on your muscles and the stance and said breathing is not, shall we say, conducive to doing with four small children (especially a 2 year old who, preciously and annoyingly, will try to do the same moves RIGHTBYYOU) and two dogs (who will come and try to figure out what the heck you are doing RIGHTBYYOU). Just revealing that for you for future reference. It will even motivate you to take your children to a playgroup that you were going to skip so you could do that Yoga X.

2. A visit to McDonald's while a migraine is gearing up is not necessarily the best of ideas.

3. A friend at Target who is willing to buy you some meds and bring it to you so you can swig 'em down with a diet Dr. Pepper IS a wonderful idea. Many thanks, yet again, Cryptic Jennifer.

4. Complete strangers kids doing random kid things at a play area designed for kids are very annoying. Friend's children, doing the exact same thing, are more often then not, quite endearing. Go figure.

5. Clif Builder's Bar in Chocolate Mint are quite deliciouso at the onset, as the mint is not too biting. That, and Super J doesn't care for chocolate mint things (I know, right!), which means all the more for me. Although, confessedly, about 15 minutes after eating one, you no longer feel as if you've had a treat, but instead that you just brushed your teeth and swallowed a bit of paste. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different. It's that fresh minty feel in my throat. hmmmm.

6. Regardless of the reason, when your husband is unexpectedly called out of town at a moment's notice,'s the pits. Even if it's for a good reason. I've actually always known this, but it has served as a reminder that yes, indeed, it's the pits. It hasn't changed.

7. Those dang Mormon ad video's that you can see on make me CRY! They are really good and put me in a mindful mood that a) I should be grateful for the life I have and b) Even when I like to pretend that I'm all alone in all of this crazy, I'm not. There is always One who is mindful of me and knows who I am and what I need to hear. Enjoy:


Maybe one day I can figure out how to actually embed the video. Until that time, please do follow the link. It's really quite lovely on a bad day.


Jennifer Lee said...

YOU are magnificent. YOU are doing terrifically well. I am just glad to know you.

What's up with the Walkers! said...

My mom sent me the link to that video, how can you not cry, I bawled! I kept it so I can watch it on those crazy days when I need to be reminded to be a better mother. Thanks for sharing, it helps me know I'm not the only one:)

Rachel said...

What a great post. The video was good too. Just what I needed this morning. Thanks.

Jessica said...

What? I have not met a chocolate mint I haven't liked, lol! Glad to see you guys are lov'n life in you own down to earth way, of course =) I do enjoy your open honesty Miss L. And I do understand... I worry that if I posted the daily antics of my two year old, that someone may see fit to take him from us! Shh, I did not write that.
Take Care Lovely Lady!