Friday, May 14, 2010

This Month is Such a Special One!

Yesterday, we celebrated Miss E's SIXTH birthday! She's SIX! I can't believe it.

Here are some of the things that I love about my newest 6 year old:

1. She is genuinely gold and tender hearted. Out of all my kids, she is truly the most selfless of the bunch, and other people's discomfort really bothers her. She truly mourns with those that mourns and cries with those that cry. When I grow up, I want to be like her. Though I will not want to walk to school just to pick up the trash and keep our Earth beautiful, but that's just me.

2. She has such a good attitude. Super J has been out of town for the past few days and will leave Metropolis again on Sunday morning, but she didn't even blink that he would arrive late for her birthday dinner at McDonald's. She was just happy he'd maybe, hopefully get to be a part of it. And he was! And she was so excited! And I was so happy he made it.

3. With each thing we did yesterday to celebrate, Miss E would announce, "This is the BEST! BIRTHDAY! EVER!!!!!" For me, who was going on 3 nights of terrible sleep and was g.r.u.m.p.y. and was honestly trying hard to make her day special, this was very sweet and often what I needed to hear to get her to the next "event" on the list.

4. Every present was better than the next. Even the box of "Walmart Discount Aisle" toys (aka: crap, that seriously, NO ONE ELSE BUYS--it's not even some of that, "Sweet! Look what I scored" stuff--and I know that stuff is there because I enjoy strolling down those aisles on occasion. No, it's the DREGS of the remains. I don't mean to be cruel, but I'm just saying, for the amount of money she spent to get all these...things...she could have gotten one really nice something) from Super J's mom was enjoyed to the fullest (that being said, where was the promised Microscope, I ask you? Ugh. Did I mention I was grumpy yesterday). She was just so tickled that people remembered her.

5. Best line of yesterday: We were having lunch at Chick-fil-a (yes, we ate out at the finest restaurants yesterday. Aren't you jealous?) and she came out of the little play area and said, "Some of these people don't know it's my birthday!" teehee. Yeah, Sweet Girl. MOST of these people won't know it's your birthday. Of course, that didn't stop her from informing them.

But happily, I knew it was her birthday.

Miss E, I'm so glad you are a part of our family. You remind us all what it means to be kind and strive to think of others first. Your sweetness and love is felt by (and often commented on) all you meet and greet and, often, embrace. You're a good girl, Miss E.  Your daddy and sisters and I sure love you!!!

Happy 6th Birthday!!!!

ps.  I'll post a picture of the birthday girl when I can figure out how to download one with this new system Super J has set up.  When did I get to be such a Luddite???


Lac said...

Oh Birthday's are the best! There's nothing like celebrating the life of our little ones! I'm so glad your festivities were so much fun! Aren't we so lucky to have such happy healthy babies! I feel so blessed.

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday, Miss E!! I hope your whole year is wonderful! And that you get the most awesome microscope available.