Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pizza! Pizza!

Gentle Reader, please be kind...

It's becoming a bit of a tradition on Wednesdays for the girls and I to go to our public library, get books and then dash to the Little Caesar's for some bread sticks and pizza (because, those bread sticks and cheese bread are made of some kind of crack, I tell you! They are totally addictive!).

To expedite this little trip, I got a stroke of genius to call ahead last night and order our bread sticks (3 bags...but I was getting some for a friend, I swear), cheese bread and a mushroom pizza. They told me it'd be done in 15 or 20 minutes. Fine.

I went to the store, told them I'd called it in, they asked me to repeat the order, I did and then I paid for my pizza...and then waited 40 (FORTY!) minutes for them to get done. Granted, they got slammed, but I was TICKED. The only plus was that everything was hot hot hot when I got it (ie: had not been sitting under the heating lamps). I was tempted to talk to a manager, but felt I could be magnanimous about it and just fumed off to shove my face with hot delicious garlicky buttery bread sticks.

Forward to this afternoon (don't judge!) and I thought salad and some cheese sticks would be a bit of heaven. But I didn't want to have to wait. So, I called in again and they said they'd have it done by the time I arrived.

I got there, told them my order that I'd called in and paid for it. The guy went back to check on it and then informed me that they hadn't put it in yet. I was TICKED!!!! I said, "This happened last night. I can't believe it! I called ahead and they said it'd be done now."

"What number did you call?"

I told him. Still TICKED was I.

And he said, "Our number is 555-1234, not 555-9000."

Oh dear heavens.

Yes, Gentle Reader. I'd called, not once but TWICE! to a completely different location, placed an order, and then not shown up.

Well, I showed up, but to the WRONG STORE!!!!!

Oh the funny embarrassing shame and guilt I felt. Even now I am rolling my eyes at my own stupidity. I mean, seriously???? How could I not realize my error when the store answers the phone with a "Hi, this is Little Caesars on the corner of [street address].  How can I help you?" Ohhhhhhh, dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

But kinda funny.

Needless to say, I now have 555-1234 stored in my cell phone for future use, and I *did* call the other location and told them about today's goof and they were lovely about it. 

See, this is what happens when you become addicted to things and Stop. Paying. Attention to the small details.  Yes! Use it, Gentle Reader, as a cautionary tale and let me spare you that humiliation in front of a teenage pizza slinger.


ElKay said...

Having worked at a Little Caesar's Pizza, I appreciate the fact that you called the original store and explained to them what happened. You are too good and too kind.

I love you more than words can say, and miss you even more. Awaiting the call to move to Missouri. :D

Madelyn said...

I'm sure that happens all the time! Too bad they don't have a system where they call the next store to see if it's there, and then tell you you can wait till it's done here or you can drive over and get it....

And EVERY day I fight the urge to order pizza because I know all too well how tasty it is. But why fight the urge, really? Maybe my next order will be placed sooner rather than later....

Katie said...

Oh dear, that brought a HUGE smile to my face this morning (is that wrong?). Totally something I would do.