Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Dozen Days of Gratitude


Today, my heart swells because of...

1. Velveeta Cheese...and I use the term "cheese" oh-so-lightly. In fact, I highly doubt I'd ever thought I'd be thankful for the block of "cheese" that can sit in my cupboard for MONTHS and then be refrigerated after opening for EIGHT WEEKS! It kinda grosses me out to touch it and cut it up, but I am so grateful for it because it helped create a meal that everyone ate in the family. It took Miss O about a half hour before she really tried it, but she ate it and surprised herself asking for seconds. It was a sweet moment for the Mom.

2. Impromptu family time. We actually sat in our living room this evening and enjoyed the girls taking turns on the "stage" (aka: the fireplace hearth--it's that step thing we have in front of the fireplace) singing. The songs were mainly made up, and for Miss Q, well...pretty much just "Na nananananna Na annananan", but it was super cute and both Super J and I were so tickled and basically blown away by the hysterical and precious moments of seeing these little people and their amazing personalities and marveling that we even had a tiny bit of something to do with them. Amazing.

3. TMI, but I'm grateful none-the-less: feminine hygiene products. 'Nuf said.

As seen today on from the Baptist Church where Miss O goes to Pre-school: "Thanksgiving is a state of being, not just a holiday."

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