Friday, October 16, 2009

13 far

That is the amount of time Miss O has spent in the corner today (through out the day, mind you, but still). That's four visits to the corner, and doesn't count the time she's been sent to her room. It's mainly been for being extremely naughty to Miss Q. This last time, she kicked Miss Q (while lying prostrate on the ground, mid fit, because Q had a book Miss O wanted. Oh, uh huh. I don't think so).

Sigh. And it's only the afternoon.


Bethany said...

Oh, boy. We've had days like that. It will end, I promise! Be sure to watch her sleep, it will erase all the bad feelings!

Shari said...

When you figure out what fixes the kicking during a tantrum, let me know. My boys do it to eachother all the time, and it's usually over a book or toy that the other wanted!