Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funny Miss O

Today she was just full of 'em.

After arriving at the store, I was driving around the parking lot looking for a place to park and Miss O kept shouting, "Mommy! There's one! There's a hole!" when she saw an empty space.

While IN the store, Miss O had to use the bathroom (of course) and as she's holding my hand and announcing she's going to pee and poop to EVERYONE, she comes up with this charming story that she tells me ever so excitedly, over and over, whilst we are in the stall: The pee is so happy that it's best friend poop is coming to see her. The pee's name is Shad-dee and the poo is Naud-dee. They are BEST friends and so happy to see each other! Here comes Naud-dee! Hooray!!!

To which I think to myself, Hooray indeed.

I just wish I had heard about them outside of Costco, instead of it's very echo-ey bathroom.


Katie said...

OK, now THAT'S funny.

Shari said...

Now if only you'd known that they were friends, that might have worked better than the swimming pool thing!

Colton Anne said...

That is TOO funny!

Adrienne said...

Oh, but that made SO MANY costco patrons' day!!! It would've totally made mine. O needs to introduce Queen G to Shad-dee and Naud-dee seeing as Gabbie is now happily back in Diap-ees, with nary a backwards glance at the Pott-ee. Heavy sigh.