Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Forgive me, Gentle Reader, for I Am Lazy

Okay, first off: Confessions.

1. Yesterday, Miss O peed whilst SITTING at the table eating her lunch, a huge wet puddle (which relates to yet another reason for my later confession). This would not be so sad if I had not posted about how dry she was staying and how fantastic she was doing, AND if she had not already used the bathroom about 20 minutes before and had TOLD me that she needed to go AND I mistakenly thought, "This is IT! We have turned the proverbial potty training corner and we aren't looking back! Wahoo!" and thus I was not even thinking it a possibility that we had, in fact, not even made it out of the drive-way, much less turned the corner. Oh well. Cleaned it up and moved on.

2. I am also a COMPLETE liar, as it turns out, about Miss Q as well. Yesterday, instead of taking a nap at 1:00ish, she took two naps (one of which was about 2.5 hours!) and this morning, she was down at 10:10. I just don't know what to say about that, except she's growing and that's when babies grow (when they sleep), and to say that we discovered two molar-like teeth in the back of her mouth, both sticking out halfway. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That explains lots. But it doesn't explain the one nap back to two. Yet another example of NOT turning the corner. Moving on.

Okay, next: More Confessions.

1. I've dusted and vacuumed and moved the chairs out of my dining room because I covet my friend A.L's beautiful wood floors and thought mayhaps if I mopped, my floors might become glossy and shiny, too. So I got out my "specially ordered" Bona Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner Kit and also it's "Refresher" and realized that if I am to believe the miraculous things it can do, it will TAKE TIME. What????? Yes. TIME. In fact, more time than I have because I have to pick up Miss E soon. Thus, I might have to wait until AFTER the girls go to bed tonight to do this. Argh.

2. SO! Instead of mopping and prepping the floor, because I figure they are just going to get dirty again by the time I have to mop and prep later this evening, I've decided to surf the net, read my emails, delete emails, read my political blogs (so my heart rate could go up up up with angst!), and ponder about doing the dishes (well, I should say COMPLETING the dishes, as I've already done SOME of them, thank you very much), and, obviously, to blog.

3. I have also decided that I'm only marginally motivated to do things right now, and I'm not sure why. And by things, I mean LOTS of things: work out. Clean. Entertain my children. Entertain my husband. Entertain. I just want to sit and read.

4. But I have nothing I want to read right now, though I'm itching for something really good. Any one have some suggestions? I'd actually LOVE to watch some movies, but alas, Miss O is watching Dora and I know I'd just get settled and someone would "need" me.

Speaking of which....Oh! There's the baby, waking from one of her naps. I must away!!!!


Bethany said...

I, too, am often very lazy. Not lately, because I couldn't be. But when it's not SO essential that things get done, they usually don't. And then I hate myself for it. sigh.

But, for books, I've read a couple of really good ones lately. The first one is better if you can read it in chunks (i.e. more than the 10-15 minute segments I was doing while in the loo) and the second is really fun. 1: Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, translated by Diana Burgin and Katherine Tiernan O'Connor (translated from Russian, but really good.) 2: Empire of Blue Water by Stephan Talty, a non-fiction, novelistic retelling of Captain Morgan's exploits (Capt. Morgan is an ancestor of Aaron's)

Anyway, long comment, but maybe a couple of book ideas that you haven't read before. And, condolences on the 1 step back in potty-training. I have so been there.

Adrienne said...

Oh please help me. I'm on just day 2 of potty training the queen, who is peeing on the floor with reckless abandon and DOES. NOT. CARE.
How do you make them care? Oh my holy heck. Anyway, hats off to you, my amazing friend.

Jessica said...

Coming from a mom who has potty trained four kids...gosh that makes me sound so experienced, hehe.
I found that if a child has come as far as Miss O has, that there is a reason for her regression. With my last one I finally figured out that he was really terrified of the seat we made him sit on. It was one of those hook it to the toliet seat ones. Once the light bulb went off we took a special trip to the store, bought his own special potty that he picked out. Not one more major accident after that. But, ,I do wait until I know they are ready and we have done a lot of talking about it. I have seen major bed wetting issues in kids who it was push on them early. Tangent. With my only girl, she liked a reward system.
Good Luck, every child is different and you are the best person to figure out the key to her success. Hang in there!!!