Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Q: a progress report

Today, Miss Q decided to start standing on her own. In the middle of the room. She still cruises on furniture, but I know this means walking is right around the corner.

I was so proud and not a little gobsmacked that we are at this stage already. Of course, when she did it, we applauded and cheered and then turned on the Skype so Super J could see her practice over and over while he was at work. Ahhhhhh, the wonders of modern technology.

Later, we hauled ourselves over and FINALLY got our pool pass for our community pool and promptly went over to splash in it...they have a great little area for small kids that doesn't get over, I'd say, 2 feet or so (?), and it hit me...this time, last year, I was doing a Mommy and Me swim class with Miss O and Miss Q was still within (so to speak). So, though this was her first time at the pool OUTSIDE, she'd actually been there a year before.

She turns one August 6th. Wow.

Did you feel that? That soft breeze was time, flying by.

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