Friday, June 26, 2009

White Towel...of Postponement

Don't judge too harshly, Gentle Reader. I'm taking a break.

You know the adage: When at first you don't succeed, try try again? Well. I'm not going to. I'm done for a while because I need a break.

Seriously. I admit, I'm a weak and tired woman. She has won this battle. I know I'll eventually win the war, but for now: RETREAT!!!!

"What??" you ask. Oh. Well. Miss O is potty training. Actually, we should more accurately say, Miss O is potty training me and I'm turning into the crazed she-devil mother with no patience. I'm trying to get her potty trained so she can go to pre-school in the fall. But does she care? Yes. Just not enough to tell me she needs to pee in the potty. Or poop for that matter. It's all up to me to send her to the bathroom, and if I don't? Yes. Urination on my floor.

So, we are taking our two steps back or whatever that cliche is, and letting her wear pull-ups again. She's just NOT ready; indeed, the resistance factor is so high that yesterday when I was wanting to change her from her nap pull-up back into her training pants, she wouldn't let me.

Because, Gentle Reader, it's not that she can't pee on the toilet. We have a near completed potty chart indicating successful times of being sent to the toilet to pee. So, she can sit and do her business. She's even had 3 successful poos in the commode...not that she's indicated she needs to poop, but that one of her parents have seen her assume the stance and run her to the seat, barely on time. So, see, it's that she WON'T pee on the toilet. She doesn't see the connect between "I have to pee now" and "I have to sit on the toilet." Or if she does, she doesn't want to. I have gone through many many many pair of trainer panties every day (let's not even talk about her shorts or pants)...I even put the plastic pants over them. And she just keeps peeing in them.

Ugh. I am worn out. Super J was all for keeping it up for 2 weeks...until yesterday, when he saw first hand how we ask her to go to the bathroom and get the "No!" and then 15 minutes later, she pees on the carpet.

When she figures out she wants to be trained, she will be. I have no doubt about that.

But in the meantime, I'm throwing in the towel. At least for another week or two. When, undoubtedly, we'll trytrytry again.


Katie said...

Bon courage, my friend!! (I'm not sure of the English equivalent - good luck doesn't quite cut it).

Bethany said...

So frustrating. I have been there. With both of mine, actually. At least with A.J., we had all hard surface floors, which are fabulously easy to clean after an "incident." Take a break, it is NOT an indication of defeat, just a time to reevaluate, rest, and just love her for her quirky self. And, as a note of hope, my mother had totally convinced herself I would go to college in diapers. Happily, I did not. So, see? There is hope!

Ragan said...

I'm in the same boat with Camden. He really just has no interest. Have you heard of this: I think you should try it....and let me know how it works ;)

Shari said...

I am NOT looking forward to this with 3 at once! I'm going have to homeschool them, just because I didn't have the patience to potty train them (well we'll have to pay for someone else to home school them, as I foresee my not having the patience to home school them either) You're doing great, I promise!

Colton Anne said...

Good luck...That's one task I'm not ready to take on with Cora yet!

Stephanie said...

Sister, you are speaking my language. I am in the EXACT same boat as you right now!!! Mallory CAN use the potty. I just have to take her. She has never told me she has to go! After two months, I'm throwing in the towel and admiting defeat! The other three were potty trained in two weeks. TWO WEEKS for crying out loud!! For my own sanity, I just have take a break. I had to go to Wal-Mart yesterday to buy regular diapers for the first time in two months, because frankly, they are less expensive and more absorbant than diapers. So, to you, sister, you have my complete sympathy and understanding!