Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Day of Summer Break

Ohmyholycow. I'm out of practice of mothering ALL my children EVERY day, ALL day. I'm so needing to figure out non-critical things to do to get us out of the house without technically "being late" (to help my stress level!).

But seriously. Going shopping with all four girls...very out of practice. And I don't mean that they were naughty. I mean they were four little people (thankfully Miss Q fell asleep in her carseat and stopped crying through the store!) shopping with mom, as four little people do. This translates as: it's just a crazy thing to maneauver so many people through the aisle at Walmart while trying to maintain an ounce of dignity and politeness to the other shoppers.

The girls do a fairly good job keeping a hand on the cart (which is technically the rule...unless you run into those dumb aisles with the beams smack in the know what I'm talking about), but Miss O tends to let go and then just wander "fairly close" to the cart, which often gets her foot run over, because with the babyseat at the top of the cart, I can't always be sure of her proximity. AND, she does (and did!) the same thing with the baby stroller.

So, overall, I biffed into the back of Miss A's heel once and ran over Miss O once with the shopping cart at the store (alone!) and at least 3 times with the stroller when we took Miss A to a birthday party at one of those bouncy places in the mall. Each time I felt terrible, but it wasn't my fault!!!! And everytime I'd try to take Miss O's hand and have her walk BY me, BEHIND the wheels, she wouldn't have anything to do with that ("I'll do it myself!!!" Allllllrighty then.).

Anyway, got home yesterday from being on-the-go all day, made some cookies for a Service Project Super J was involved in, and took all four girls down to the mall for that party. And they all did GREAT, relatively speaking (if I can just survive all the fighting in the car. What's that all about????? Ugh.). But it's exhausting! And it's only the first day of summer.

I definitely need to get a schedule going. Get organized.



This is so the story of my life.


Stephanie said...

Here, here!

Bethany said...

I only have two, and I totally know what you're saying. Our first summer out here, Jon lived with us and I went to the grocery store by myself every time. Then, he went back to school, and Levi had outgrown his infant seat and so had to sit in the cart, which he HATED DESPERATELY. I think I probably panicked the first few times I had to do it on my own. It was not pretty. Good Luck coming up with some fun plans!

Colton Anne said...

We have the same rule on the buggy thing and the whole pole in the middle and getting around people always throws us off! And it always seems that even if the girls are complete angels at home, it's like once you hit the store...all you know what breaks loose!!