Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quickly Quickly Breathe Breathe Breathe

Here's a quick update on some of what went on here at the Zoo in the past few days.

* Miss Q went back to the doctor and is now officially being "nebulized" so she can breathe easier and avoid bronchial pneumonia. I'm all for that. We nebulize with Albuterol 4 times a day or, I guess if I needed to, in the middle of the night for the next couple of days, but she's already breathing so much better now it's not even funny. I kinda want to kiss the green machine for being such an answer to prayer.

* Turned one year older and wiser, too, on Tuesday and even though Super J went out of town, I had a really nice day...until it was time to put the kids to bed. When the baby screams, my patience level drops like a rock in a bottomless well, and we had not yet gotten her feeling better so the child was screaming all during baths and pj's and tooth brushing and so when it came time to read books and scriptures and prayers...wellllllll. Not a high point for a birthday, let's just say. Ugh. Felt terrible for yelling at them, but last night when I put them to bed, things were much better (did I mention Miss Q is feeling better????) so I didn't feel quite so spectacularly horrific as a mother. Yay.

* Speaking of that celebration, Super J made me the lime in the coconut cake for my birthday. WITH the help of the girls. I love that man!!! Seriously. And it is a delightful cake, can I just say?

* Super J was out of town, but he's back now. Hallelujah. I have new found respect for my friends that haul their kids to preschool and then school and the doctor and then pick up from preschool and pickup from school and then go to Walmart with all their kids to get a prescription for nebulizing that never got called in and then only got halfway faxed in the second time after a 45 minute wait and then go home, feeling so terrifically tired they kinda want to cry, and yet still maintain their humanity. Truly I do.

* I cut Miss O's bangs. Sometimes my kids take my breath away with how beautiful and cute and sweet they are. And sometimes my kids make me swear under my breath. Happily, it was the former on this occasion.

Okay, so we are having a meltdown between half of the sisters. I am being beckoned away. Alas, such is life here at the Zoo. Hopefully, I'll keep updating between nebulizing. And napping. It's been a long couple of weeks. This is one of the pearls of wisdome (yes, with an "e") that I have gleaned now that I am older.


Adrienne said...

Oh, welcome to the "fishie" family!! I thought my heart would break seeing little Nat sitting there patiently nebulizing with his oxygen mask fishie, and then slapping the dragon on his nebulizer a high five every time he was done.
That thing has saved us SO. MANY. TIMES. Like every cold. You're right. It's seriously life-changing for those sickies. So welcome! And I didn't know J was out of town on your bday! I stink at this friend thing. But I'm glad things are better now.

Katrina said...

Gotta say I'm glad Miss Q is better now too. And that Jason is home. Am sorry you had a sucky birthday, but not sorry that you are here. Love you bunches.

Ragan said...

Sorry to hear Miss Q hasn't been feeling well, but glad the nebulizer is helping. You guys got a super cute one at least, my kids had to use plain little compressor looking things.

Ragan said...

Oh, I totally forgot to say "HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!