Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I AM the Queen, kinda

Went back to the dentist today and now have a lovely temporary crown, upon which I cannot eat anything hard or chewy (I guess that means no Snickers Bars). Also, I am currently enjoying an extraordinarily numb right side of my face. Super J said I look like I'm ready to sing some Elvis' songs, I'm so droopy.

Seriously, it was so numb that I couldn't close my right eye all the way while the dentist was drilling and doing all that stuff in there, so I had these random tears that would just drip out of my eye and I could do nothing to stop it. Later, I rubbed my ear and couldn't really feel it. That's numb.

Of course, have you ever noticed that you aren't totally numb until AFTER you leave the dentist's office????

Anyway, the hard part is over. Thank heavens.

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