Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Click Clack Click

I've never been a nail biter. In fact, one of my prized talents I've had and cultivated since I was little is that I've been able to grow my fingernails long. Over time, that talent has led to certain...quirks, I suppose you might call them.

My biggest one is that if one nail breaks, they all get cut to the same size (or close proximity). Thus, I will never be in the running for a world record, and I can't quite explain how totally okay I am with that. Ewwwww.


ANYWAY, I share this because, for whatever reason, this past weekend has been brutal on the ol' nails. Even the ones I trimmed down got jagged and had to be filed down to almost nothing. Why, just this morning, I had to trim two more down to the quick (well, maybe not the quick, but pretty close).

Interestingly, while it is annoying to have all my nails cut short, I just have to say that the silver lining is that it is so pleasant to type with shorter nails. I have fewer typos and can actually type faster. Will that keep me from growing out my nails again? Nah.

What about you, Gentle Reader? Do you have long nails or short nails. And which do you prefer when typing?


Bethany said...

For most of the time, I like medium long ones, though I also cut them more or less the same length when one is damaged. However, I will lop them all off before work that I am sure will tear them up anyway. Especially field work. If I don't, they get destroyed. For typing, mine aren't usually long enough to get in the way.

FYI, I actually walked briskly for 25 minutes this morning! Is a fitness blog happening? I don't mind putting one together if there isn't one started yet. It definitely helps to be "accountable" to somebody, even if I don't ever see them face to face!

Stephanie said...

I can relate, sister. Whenever my nails are longer and one gets broken, they all get filed down to the same size. But I'm not as lucky as you in growing them long. I can't get them long very easily.

And I'm sure you know this, but that lady you pictured just had her nails broken off in a car accident. She's held the record as having the longest nails. She's grown them for something like 30 years. I think it's just gross. How did she function? Write? Prepare food? Wipe?

Ragan said...

I'm the same way, I've had long nails since 4th or 5th grade (I HATED my piano teacher for trying to make me cut them). And I cut them all off if one breaks. I've kept them shorter lately than I used to, they do get in the way of typing and Tim was just commenting the other day that I had scratched some of the letters off of this keyboard (several letters were missing on the old one).

Shari said...

Ditto, I'm pretty lucky that they grow so very well. I got them cut as short as possible last summer in preparation for making some fondant cakes. The Nail Tech guy didn't believe me and had to keep going back and making them shorter. Then he muttered something about how glad he was that no one was in the chair next to me because most woman would freak at the thought of intentionally cutting their nails to the same length as those that bite them! I knew they'd be back in a matter of weeks, stronger than ever (I actually had to trim them down again before I did the last cake 2 weeks later!)