Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ugh. Seriously.

We are dog sitting again for Super J's sister. We love Abby and Bo, so no problem there.

The issue of complaint? I started tidying, which led to cleaning, which led to overdoing and now feeling not so grand compounded with a RAGING headache, which is not super considering I wasn't feeling great when I started tidying. Still. Wanna know how I know I overdid it???

When they came to drop off the dogs, I noticed my bro-in-law glancing at my shirt (after madly cleaning in my pj's, I'd run upstairs and changed super quick about 15 minutes before their arrival). Whatever, I thought to myself. I'm still kinda sick, I'm not going to worry if I have something on my shirt. These were my thoughts. So, we finished getting the dogs settled and off they went to the airport.

After they left, I don't remember what I was doing, but I glanced down too. My shirt was inside out. And it was OBVIOUSLY inside of "those" shirts where it's very apparent.


Oh well. At least the house looked nice and felt clean, and when he asked how I was, I honestly answered, "Well, I've had better weeks." So true, Gentle Reader.

Oh, so true.

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Tricia said...

LOL. Ok, that made me laugh. :)