Friday, February 13, 2009


These have been rattling around my head for the past few days, so I thought I'd share...

1. If oil prices have slipped to below $40, why are gas prices going up? And if this is the answer, shouldn't we be doing something about it???

2. We love Miss A's kindergarten teachers (seriously, LOVE her), but Miss E is very different from her sister and there are two other great kindergarten teachers (as reported by neighbors). Since Miss E starts kindergarten in the fall, should we request a different teacher who has no expectations for Miss E?

3. Things being what they are, how can four of us have had strep, but two of us never got it???? And, along those lines, does one complain to someone at the practice when it takes almost a week to get back to you about your daughters rear-end strep test, even if the nurse practitioner was really good with her?

4. If this is your last baby, do you give away the half packages of diapers that have gotten too small or do you use them up, tempting the PooBack gods to do their worst?

5. Would a Swiffer Floor Jet be okay for wood floors, as seen on their commercials, or are they just effective marketers?

6. Why does my dryer seem so adept at shrinking clothes? Because whilst I am not losing oodles of weight, I'm not gaining it either, but my clothes...tighter. Unattractive.

7. Can Valentine's Day Candy really be more insidious than Halloween Candy, or am I just not as careful with the amount I'm letting my kids consume and EAT ON THE COUCH???? WHAT? We don't eat in the LIVING ROOM, MISS O!!!!

8. Which is better, Dish Network or Directv? Because Dish has a great DVR that we love, but Directv has better children's programing that is not saturated with commercials in between (and yes, I know my kids watch too much tv, but since that's not changing anytime soon, I might as well do what I can to chose the best stuff out there, right?).

Any answers?


Bethany said...

Only a few answers, and not all researched...
DirectTV, they have a DVR, too, (although maybe not at the same package price? not sure) If we lived anyplace where there is actual weather more than twice a year, though, we'd have to go with cable. DirectTV craps out if it's a steady (not hard) rain.

Yes, give the diapers away. I'm sure there is someone in your ward who can use them. Tempting poo gods is. not. safe.

As for the teacher thing...I think it depends on the teacher's personality. My boys are VERY different from one another, but I would love for Levi to have either of A.J.'s first two teachers. It helps that I have a great relationship with the first grade teacher. That should factor in, too. Alas, we probably won't be in this school's boundaries after next year.

Just some thoughts to go with your questions. Do we have a fitness blog yet? Or even a name? I wouldn't mind helping get it started. Have a good weekend! And Happy Valentine's Day.

You Lil Mulan

Shari said...

1. It's a government conspiratcy to pay for all the stimulus packages...Where else did you think they were going to get the money!?

2. As the fifth child of 7 children...I had a love/hate concept of following in my sister's foot steps (so to speak). It really depends on the teacher. Some teachers seem to think they're getting the same kid, and treat them the same...or remember that "Sara always did really well in this class, do you just not like it?" (implied, or perceived implied "or are you just not as smart")

I'd ask Miss E...or you know here better, would she like the adventure of a new teacher, or did she meet Miss A's teacher and really like her?

3. Immunities...didn't you see Bubble Boy?

4. You can use them inside the larger size over night to keep them from wetting thru, or if you don't have that issue (I do, big time), you could donate them.

5. Did you check consumer reports? Let me know, I have hardwood...

6. Mine shrinks clothes as well as eats socks and occasional other items. It's another gov. conspiracy to jump start spending in the economy see #1

7. I think it's the latter. Since they come home with it, and you don't have to sort it for pins and drug tampering, plus it's attached to little cards, you don't regulate the same way (One piece a day...I've heard).

8. I have basic cable, and once that contract is up, I'm going with the converter box! I guess my kids will have to come to your house to watch TV, since mine will be so sure and TiVo Noggin for me!