Monday, February 23, 2009


Let's just be quick about this: I do NOT have a Twitter Account. Heaven knows, seriously, that I don't need one more thing to continue the thin spreading of my finite time.

However, I do like the idea that you are concise, offering a quick line or two updating yourself. I think it's so appealing because I often think like that (clearly, left to my own devices, I don't WRITE like that). Still. Because I just can't handle the pressure of yet another techno outlet, I'll just share some of my twittering thoughts here at the Zoo:

**Today--huge piles of laundry must be done before the foul stink of the unclean takes over house.

**For the LOVE OF PANCAKES! I do not think I can put bleach in my washing machine without splashing some on me. I will soon have no bleach splattered clothes. SERIOUSLY! ARGH.

**My broken tooth is more of a pain to my tongue which feels cut to shreds than to any tooth root issue, and I'm just about ready to do whatever it takes to stop that annoying pain. The silver lining, mayhaps?

**I really really really enjoy my friends because they keep me grounded and sane; plus, I am sure they have saved my kids from THE EEEVIL MOTHER WITHIN on more than one occasion.

**I am constantly shocked at how disheveled the house can get within a few hours time, especially on the weekends.

**Please, please Miss Q. Cut those darn teeth already so we both can get some sleep one of these nights. PLEASE.

**I often feel put out on Mondays (probably due to lack of sleep) when I am faced with the house after a weekend because there is not a single room left unturned and I think to myself, How did this happen????

**The Oscars last night???? I didn't watch all of it, but was disappointed with what I saw. I so used to love movies and the Oscars. What happened to them and/or me?

**Have had the terrible realization that I have been taking dishes out of the dishwasher that have only been rinsed off, NOT run through the dishwasher cycle. Oh heavens.

**Am realizing that my blogging twitter is just as distracting as either blogging or twittering, as seen with the dishes episode above. Will just post this now in effort to focus on tasks at hand: Mount Doom of Laundry; Filth Abyss aka: the house; and, oh yeah, my kids.


Katie said...

re: Oscars. I, too, used to LOVE the Oscars. I didn't even watch last night, even to see my hottie boyfriend Hugh Jackman. This morning, I realized why. A radio announcer played some of Sean Penn's acceptance speech, and then told more of what Mr. Penn said. Why can't actors say "thank you" and sit down? When did their political advice become so important? Many actors feel that their opinions are the only right opinions - sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as it agrees with their opinions - if not, the other people are wrong and, dare I say it?, un-American. The Oscars are, often, a big soapbox and are no longer entertaining. How's THAT for a soapbox?

Speaks Family said...

I am so glad someone else's house gets run over by a freight truck on the weekend. Every Monday it's the same, "What happened?!"