Thursday, February 19, 2009



I just cracked off a portion of one of my back teeth.


Anyone have a dentist they REALLY like? I have dental phobia, seriously, so I need someone who is very good and very qualified and is here in Metropolis (or thereabouts).

Can I just tell you what Super J said to me when I told him and showed him the jagged thing?

"I guess this means we're just getting older. It won't be the last thing to break."




Bethany said...

Oh, no! That sounds like no fun at all! Good luck finding a good dentist. I know a few people from the Columbia days that are dentists, but I don't know how close they are to Metropolis. I hope it gets taken care of relatively easily!

Allison said...

We really like our dentist - Dr. Shirley Hung. She only practices on Saturdays, because she teaches at the UMKC dental school during the week. Call me if yo want her number.