Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miss A's Reaction

Last night, as you may recall, Fairy left Miss A her dollar's worth of coins in exchange for her tooth.

Alas, when the T.F. visits our place (especially after 11:00), she's not as creative as I know she's going to be over at Cryptic Jennifer's place (see yesterday's comments and wish that you lived over at Cryptic Jennifer's place when you were a child--unless you want more money, and then you can wish you lived at my place, though keep in mind the T.F. is NOT creative while in my house. It's like she gets a crafting brain cloud or something).

ALAS! 'Tis not so.

In any case, Miss A just got her four quarters in a little snack baggie. It was kind of an even trade because her tooth was in a big ol' plastic bag, which is (fyi) very helpful when the T.F. tries to remove the tooth from under the pillow. She just has to pull the bag, which more often than not slides noiselessly away.

But here are some things the T.F. *DID* learned during this endeavor, which I'd like to pass on to you:

*It is much harder to place a bag of coins under a pillow than a wispy dollar bill. Coins like to clink. They like to rustle whilst in their plastic snack size baggie. They like to create a small lump, a la Princess and the Pea, under the pillow. Luckily, some children are VERY SOUND SLEEPERS. Whew.

*Your child WILL be fairly distraught in the morning and will not come skipping in your room during the 4 am hour because she WON'T BE ABLE TO FIND the bag o' coins that the T.F. put into the plastic bag. Why???? Because the T.F. forgot that coins are also HEAVIER than a dollar bill and slippery-er in the snack sized, unadorned plastic bag and thus it may very well get lost in the blankets and covers.

*This may lead your child to believe that either the T.F. did NOT come or else she stole the tooth. sigh. Luckily, Daddy (who, bytheway, had fallen asleep before the T.F. had to make her decision to leave the bagged coins, and thus did not provide any input...I'm just saying) saved the day and helped her find the bag of money.

*Your child may be a little nonplussed that she's received coins until she is reassured that, Oh yeah, it still adds up to the normal amount of money the T.F. normally provides. Then, all will be well.

*The T.F. may then have a realization that she could have left any of the previously mentioned monetary bills and just swapped them out of your child's penny purse (or bank, as the case may be) at a later date because, as Miss E pointed out when she found a five dollar bill this morning that I'd left on the counter during the...uh...Tooth Fairy's quest to find a dollar, that any dollar looks like a dollar--at least to Miss E who shouted, "I found a dollar!!!!" Of course, Miss A is older and more mature and more business and monetary savvy, so that might not have worked. But you never know. It's good to know, though, for Miss E.

Yes indeed. The Tooth Fairy learned alot last night. But at least Miss A left the house this morning happy, so I know in the T.F.'s heart, that's what matters.


Shari said...

I helped my friend's kids make tooth pillows when they lost their first tooth. We cut out a cartoon-ish tooth shape, and put a little pocket on the front just large enough for quarters. Then the pillow layed by their digging under the pillow, and with the pocket it stayed put.
Surely you have time to zip one of those out on the sewing day next week, you can take my boys, and I'll take most of your girls, and we can make them if you like.

Katie said...

This reminds me of a story of my nephew... My grandparents would always give 5 dollar bills to the grandkids and great-grandkids for their birthdays. Anyway, when Sean was, oh, 5 or 6 I guess, he opened his card with $5 and started screaming "a million dollars! a million dollars!" Try living up to THAT present. ;-)