Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Lost Tooth! Another Dilemma

Miss A's second loose tooth is now a piece of history. It has left the warm, moist confines of her mouth and is, currently, resting quite comfortably (I'm sure) under her princess pillow cased pillow.

Here's the kicker.

The, um, Tooth Fairy has no dollar bills. She has a five dollar bill. Mr. Tooth Fairy has a ten and in their "Oh, Crap!" Emergency Cash Stash, there is a fifty, but I do believe we can all agree that may be a wee bit on the high side for a six year old.

Thus, the kicker leads to the question: Is it tacky for the, um, Tooth Fairy to present a dollar's worth of coins if she were to put it in a ziplock plastic bag? This would be the first time such an exchange of currency has taken place.

I know, I know. Back in the day, we all got dimes and nickels and quarters, but here at the Zoo, Santa is cheap so the Tooth Fairy has to pick up the slack (though, seriously, 3 teeth in one month...wowzers. If this keeps up, I'm sure the T.F. will have to see if Quicken has a budget slot for that).

Well, phoeyheck. The venerable T.F. has no real choice because it's past 11:00 and she doesn't want to have to go anywhere to make change at this hour and it's really not that tragic and Miss A will be happy in either case so I guess there's no real reason to have even stressed about this except that's kinda where I'm at this week.

Alrighty then. Thanks for helping the, um, Tooth Fairy with that. She appreciates the added input.

Sweet Dreams.


Bethany said...

Once, when I was out of town, Aaron the tooth fairy left A.J. FIVE DOLLARS for a tooth that came out in an ice cream sandwich. Of course, he had also had to deal with a bloody nose that afternoon. We aren't consistent in what the tooth fairy brings, so I'm not sure A.J. has really noticed. And, the tooth fairy needed to empty her change purse, right?

Jennifer Lee said...

As I've told you before, the toothe fairy in my day was never so wealthy as so leave a whole dollar. Yes, coins are PERFECTLY acceptable. Especially if you make a cute little envelope out of construction paper, or decorate a plain envelope with some stickers. That makes getting coins even more fun. And you have LOTS of time for envelope making, right?

Katie said...

My 2 cents might be a little late, but yes, coins spend just as well as paper money, so to a child? Money is money... :-)

Stacie said...

So - here is how we have handled the TF situation -

Elizabeth is kinda into collecting coins thanks to a coin collecting for kids book she received as a gift from a relative. Anyhow ...

I went to the bank before she ever actually lost any teeth and purchased myself a random collection of $1 coins and have them in a stash waiting for teeth to fall out. (So far, we have lost two.) I got Eisenhower dollars, Susan B. Anthonys, Sacagawea, Washington (from the new Presidential series), etc ... Once those run out I might switch to $.50 pieces - but anyhow - she is enjoying seeing the variety of currency for her collection book and I am stocked up whenever the TF is called upon!