Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now I'm in Trouble

Today Miss Q decided that she would like to be successful at rolling over.

So, she rolled over the first time and burst into tears. I suspect that such a thing would, indeed, be a bit surprising. The next three times were also a bit tearful, but then she could quickly be coaxed into smiles. By the time we thought to get a camera, her sisters were lined up next to her and she became enchanted by all the attention and, feeling quite accomplished with 4 rolls, decided she was done for the evening. Which is fine.

But I'm no novice at this. I know this is just the beginning. Milestones of my last baby. It's bittersweet, my Gentle Reader. Bittersweet.

1 comment:

Ragan said...

I agree, it is bittersweet watching your last baby reach each milestone. At least your last baby is still a baby.

Good job Miss Q!