Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks List, November 3

We are thankful for blessings we cannot measure, for gifts we cannot appraise, "for books, music, art, and for the great inventions which make these blessings available[;] … for the laughter of little children[;] … for the … means for relieving human suffering … and increasing … the enjoyment of life[;] … for everything good and uplifting." ~"Three Centuries of Thanksgiving," Etude Music Magazine, Nov. 1945 (thanks to Jennifer, again, for the quotes)

My list:
1. I'm thankful for elbows that bend and make crooks in which little babies can sleep
2. I'm thankful for pacifiers (holy cow, I'm thankful for pacifiers!)
3. I'm thankful for rakes and piles of red and orange and gold leaves waiting for little girls to jump into


Speaks Family said...

Okay I totally want to do this. I am going to try to do it everyday. Wish me luck. Oh, and thanks for the challenge. Megan Speaks

Katie said...

Since I am blatantly copying you, you are welcome to some of my quotes. :-)
Speaking of books, I brought three on this trip, thinking that would be enough - just in case one was bad - and the first two, right of the bat, I had to stop reading not even 100 pages in. Ugh!