Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween pictures

Yes, I know you can hardly stand it! Pictures. Taken very recently and actually posted! Gulp!!! I know! And without further ado...

The Three Older Girls
Miss A, Miss E, and Miss O aka: Aurora, Tinker Bell, Butterfly Ballerina with Pumpkin T-shirt underneath

Yes, that is Super J, gadding about as Clark Kent. He had the Superman "S" under his white shirt and when asked about the costume, had the Superman theme song that, when he touched his shirt pocket, actually played. Too funny.

And, as if things couldn't get any more surreal, here is a picture of me. I's like a Sasquatch sighting!!! Keep breathing and remain calm!!!

Okay, that being said, I post this conditionally: No MOCKING! Because, like any good Sasquatch, I hate getting my picture taken. And yes, I know, it's a horrific picture. I took it myself, but I wanted to record something for posterity. Should I, perish the thought, be attacked by an actual Sasquatch, my kids would have very little evidence of my physical form. So, yes kids, this is what Mom looks like. Kinda.

What the heck am I??? I know you are asking yourself this very question. I am...are you ready for it?...not The Cotton Ball In The Hair Lady, but I am "Grey and Cloudy with a Chance of Sprinkles" What you do not see is my little mist bottle that I would, when I said "Sprinkles," spritz on you. What you may be able to see, if you stare at the left side of my head, specifically at my hair, is that it is maybe a shade or two lighter than the other side. I was trying to grey my hair by putting Baby Powder on it. It did not, Gentle Reader, work. Instead, I nearly asphyxiated myself on the cloud that comes when one dumps a lot of Baby Powder on heavily hair sprayed and teased hair. A mess? Yes, Gentle Reader. It would take 2 washings to get it out, and much conditioner to undo the damage with a large tooth comb. sigh. I wish I were more creative and/or could sew and/or took Halloween more seriously than I do (because I know some of you LURVES this holiday), but there you go.

For now, though, let us end on a sweeter note. Here's a close up of our Little Halloween Pumpkin. Can you believe it's almost been 3 months?

Bless her heart, she looks like she's saying, "Please. In the name of delicious Pumpkin Butter, please, get me out of this contraption."


Bethany said...

There is only one word to describe your pictures: ADORABLE. The girls are very cute, Clark Kent doesn't look bad himself, and I love the variation on the little black rain cloud theme. I think your punkin is really just concerned over the size of her collar.

p.s. A.J.'s summer writing project was blogging. His goal was to be more descriptive in his word choice.

Ragan said...

If "Grey and Cloudy with a chance of Sprinkles" is not creative, then I have no idea what is!

Your girls are all so adorable! Emme was Aurora too, but they only had the small size dress at Wal-Mart here, and NO other costumes at ALL in her size, by the time we got there and it was a bit small!

Adrienne said...

....and I juuusst love you guys. How clever you are. I didn't even try to dress up. So for that, bigfoot that you are, you get the gold star.

Katie said...

I LOVE the gray and cloudy. I never would have thought to put baby powder in my hair to make it gray. See, you are creative. The girls, as always, look adorable!