Monday, November 17, 2008

A fit of selfishness

Ugh. I must confess, Gentle Reader, after a hard night with Miss Q, I just want to be by myself. At this exact precise moment, I do not want to be caring for any/all children. I don't want the guilt of knowing the tv is on and Miss O is getting her fill of commercials. I do not want to clean my house, which has become a bastion of all things out of place. Laundry's Mount Doom has amassed again, and I really don't feel up to fighting with it. I don't want to deal with it. In fact, I guess that sums up my mood right now: I don't want to deal with it. I just want to sit at my computer, or go back to bed, or get a shower, or do whatever it is that *I* want to do. Like when I was single. Or had no kids. And no guilt. And no potential missing of little people. When I was carefree. And didn't care about fiscal responsibility. Heck, with gas prices like this, it's time to road trip!!! Wahoo! Where's Super J (any roadtripper knows you need an awesome companion to go with)? But where to go. South???? Yes! It's so cold outside. Ugh. But it's NOT going to happen with mammaries that will turn into uncomfortable stones in mere hours.


Cannot embrace the desired selfishness of the moment. Must just trudge on and know, this too shall pass.


Shari said...

Breast Pump...Run My friend, Run! I SO hear you and all that you are saying!

Adrienne said...

Hey! I like Mount Doom vs. our own Disney Laundry Mountain. You know ALL of us reading this are nodding our heads like head-nodders, and saying AMEN sisterfriend, AMEN!
Your child will not rot on a diet of tv for one day, your babe is THREE MONTHS old, for crying in the night (hardy har, punny pun). It is a well-established fact that you don't surface for air to REALLY be back "into" life until your babe is 6 months old. So you're doing friggin' awesome. Now go eat your weight in Doritos and/or powdered donies and call me in the morning (YES YOU CAN. You're the milkwagon at present. You NEED those calories, gal.) :)

Allison said...

Well said - if Super J's too busy, can I be your road-trip buddy?

Katie said...

Ah, my sweet friend. I will be your road-trip buddy. Even single people have to take fiscal responsibility (darn it) sometimes.