Saturday, October 4, 2008

That time of season...

It's the first weekend in October, so that means: General Conference!

And what a great Saturday of conference it has been, and still one more day to go! Not only have I been spiritually fed and emotionally uplifted and brought to tears numerous times (hello!!!! A new temple in the area??? How SUPER AMAZING is that???? And I have honestly felt that half the talks were done just for me, as they really hit home), but I also rearranged my living room and DUSTED! Oh! And I and the girls made cookies (well, baked some pre-made cookie dough) for Super J whilst he was at the Priesthood session. All while holding my darling Miss Q who was getting back at me for making her ride around in her car seat WAY too much yesterday (also a crazy day) and was NOT HAPPY being put down at all, at any time, and wouldn't/didn't take her normal naps today. Hmmmmm. Alrighty then.

Still! It is a banner day here at The Zoo, I just gotta say. I am exhausted, but very pleased overall.

So, as it is late late late, I need to get to bed, but I just wanted to share some of the excitement of the day (probably also very excited that the day is pretty much over, too).

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Katie said...

I loved conference yesterday. I, too, felt the talks were given just for me. I love it. Am I the only one who related "the greater Kansas City area" to Independence?`