Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frenemy Update

Miss A: 1 louse and many several nits (say it with me: ARGHE!!!!!!). Will be combing again tonight; however, it was caught early (HALLELUJAH!!!!)

Miss E: 0 lice, 0 nits

Miss O: 0 lice, 0 nits

Miss Q: 0 lice, 0 nits (as darn well expected, I should say! She's very crabby from not being held so much, though.)

Super J: 0 lice, 0 nits (of course. He's convinced it's because of his hair gel usage. He may be on to something. Go Super J's Super Hair Gel! I think I will start slathering it on the girls every morning. Sure they'll look a little funny for a while, but people will get used to it.)

Miss L: 0 lice (thank the heavens!!!), 0 nits, psychosomatic lice: 1007


Allison said...

I read your earlier post before church. When I realized we had no Olivia in nursery, I had to chuckle. (Sorry! But it's because you make it sound like such an adventure!)

Oh, and the gel thing? Kim's husband will attest to that. Ask Kim what Jay says.

Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

I just saw a segment on the Today show about two weeks ago about "Super Lice" invading so many more homes these days and how hard they are to get rid of. I thought of you, of course. So sorry you have to deal with this! Ugh!!!!

Katrina said...

*good thoughts* :) *scritches*

Adrienne said...

Um, from one geek to another, let us quote Luke and say, "NO!!!!! THAT'S NOT TRUE!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Seriously. HOW do you have lice AGAINE?!!! How does this happen? Oh I am so sorry. Does chocolate help to rectify the horrors of it all?