Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheers to the Chicken Lover in ALL of Us

Miss E came to my room this morning as I was nursing Miss Q and shared the following:

"Mom, Miss Q sure is cute. You know, Chicken Lovers think babies are really cute. And Chicken Lovers do NOT throw babies in the garbage. I've stricken that evil rule from all Chicken Lovers. That way, babies don't have to smell stinky garbage. Because Chicken Lovers love babies because they are so cute!"


Allison said...

All I can do is quote Bing Crosby to Danny Kaye in White Christmas: "When I can figure out what that meant, I'll come back with a scathing reply."

(In this case, maybe we can replace "scathing" with "witty?")

Katrina said...

It's good to hear that Miss E can also succumb to the cute. And it does kind of tell you where she is on the scale of sibling issues. So, this is good, if funny-as-heck, news. *grins*

Adrienne said...

Darn you people having babies and making our 3-4 year olds make sense of it all. My chicken lover has started asking how babies come to houses, and when told it's just whenever Heavenly Father decides to send one, promptly started asking for one. Make that TWO. He started asking for TWO AT ONCE. Darn those chickens and their trash avoidance.

Katie said...

That's hilarious - and who are all the Chicken Lovers? And how can Miss E speak for all of them? So cute.