Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funny things heard from/said about the girls...

From Miss E:

"Mom!!! Rule number 5 for Chicken Lovers is that we think babies like Miss Q are really really cute." [note: She has taken to calling herself a "chicken lover" when we ask her to eat her vegetables...meaning, we ask her to eat some vegetable or any food that she normally won't eat and she answers that she cannot do that because she is a Chicken Lover]

"Mom!!! Your breast are really floppy now because they are so big!" (nice)

"Mom!!! Rule number 1 for magic people is that we don't bite our sisters!" {Miss A had just gotten bit on the back...and I mean, a BIG BITE!...from Miss O. Miss O then got an appropriate spank on the bottom from Super J, and much more weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth resumed}

From Super J:

He took Miss A to kindergarten today and told me that he noticed something after she got out of the truck, proudly wearing one of her new school outfits. As she was walking towards the front door of the school, he realized that she still had the tags and stickers on her shorts. (sigh)

From Miss A:

On her first day of school:
"I played with my boyfriend today."
me: "You mean a boyfriend or a boy who is your friend?"
me: "Oh. What's his name?"
"I don't remember. I might play with him tomorrow if he's at school."


Stephanie said...

Kids are hilarious! Those are some examples of why I love them!

Katie said...

I am totally laughing.
I'm sorry, I can't eat vegetables, I'm a Chicken Lover. And does Miss E randomly number the rules? I love it!