Friday, July 11, 2008

Night of the Living Zombie Meets The Chihuahua

Do you see the time? It's 6:00 in the morning. Between my own inability to sleep (especially the first night) when Super J is gone, getting up to pee because of New Baby, the dog I'm dog sitting, and my own sweet Miss O, I have not had much sleep last night/this morning and really, not much consecutive sleep. And I am tired. So this is probably the very worst time to be posting about this...I'm rarely my best self when tired and grumpy, but I've tried to go back to sleep and I can't because it keeps churning in my head, so I'm getting it out in hopes of getting a nap before I have to go to get my Group B Strep Test at my OBGYN's today. (Update: Got a 2 hour nap...feeling better, though still tired)

It's my own fault for not going to bed early. Putting Miss O down later is also my fault, and she subsequently did not sleep well because she's off her schedule. She started waking up around 3am but settled back down around 5:30. Meanwhile, the actually a very nice little dog. She's a Chihuahua and has some very sweet qualities, and during the day, she's been basically very good as long as I keep an eye on her. However, the nights have not been the best. I found out on Tuesday that she's somewhat nocturnal...well now, that actually explains alot.

So, I need to take a moment to reassure my friend (for whom I am dog sitting and who may or may not read this entry) that this is NO reflection on her or, really, her dog. Overall, I like her dog--she just really is attached to my friend and misses her. In fact, if I wasn't so pregnant, I'd probably really like her dog, but talk about being off a schedule and routine, poor thing! Consequently, she's just been a bit more work than I expected (especially when I am as sleep deprived as I am), and I probably still don't know all her cues/timetables for needing to go outside and eating and stuff like that. Let me explain.

She (the dog) has some very sweet traits, and yet she also has some really annoying she pees or has other accidents on my carpet if you don't watch her and make sure she's gone outside, and if you set her outside, she won't go to the bathroom unless you chaperon her and walk her down the stairs from the deck into the yard and then walk her AROUND the yard...even if she has to go really really bad. Then, to complicate things, just last night she's started rubbing her bum across my carpet. I hated that with my own dog. It means her glands need to be emptied and are likely impacted, and she's probably pretty uncomfortable,'s not my job. I'll let her "folks" know, though.

In the meantime, I set up a pen yard type of thing to keep her in while we are gone during the day and at night, and she's been doing fairly well (I've had her for about 10 days now and she really misses her "mom," to the point that the first few nights she howled like a cat in heat pretty much throughout the night, and then the last few, she just scratches and scratches on...something. I'm not sure, but I think it's the plastic pen yard thing...I hope it's not my wood floors...and the last few nights there has been a mysterious wetness around one side of the pen we found in the it pee? I just don't know). This hasn't been a real problem because we can close doors and we have "white noise" machines in our rooms. However, that being said, she definitely got on my last nerve last night, probably because every time I'd have Miss O back to sleep and I'd open Miss O's door, the dog would start in again...howling or scratching madly, thus waking her up. I was not happy.

Anyway, her "dad" comes to pick her up today. And while I'll miss her sweet qualities, I think we'll both be very happy she finally gets to go home.

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