Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miss E, not to be outdone, Cutisms

Miss A and Miss E went over to a friend's house this afternoon, and had a lovely time cavorting and rolling around outside in the grass. Miss E, our ever allergenic daughter, came home with various cuts and allergic reaction outbreaks on her arms and legs.

After dinner, she says to Super J and myself, "Wow! I sure have lots of boobies!"

"You mean, boo-boos?"

"Yeah, boo-boos."

I'm wondering when I need to have a more in depth discussion with my children about different body parts verses different vocabulary words. sigh.


Katie said...

OK, totally laughing out loud.

Adrienne said...

Oh I am crying. Boobies and crotches. This is why your girls can come ANY time.