Monday, June 2, 2008

An Update: back from the doctor's...

I might have mentioned that I'm at the "visit the doctor" every 2 weeks now. Very exciting. I'll be doing this until sometime in July when I switch to visiting EVERY week. Holy smokes. Time is flying. I'm fine and the baby is good. Of course, today she kept moving around when the doctor was listening to the heartbeat so we had to chase her a bit, but her heartbeat is strong and beautiful to hear.

Let's see...I was told my blood pressure is just great, which is always good to hear. Especially today, because I spent the morning cleaning my house like a crazed woman. Why? Well, because I had a new babysitter coming over, don't you know. And, of course, all that work this morning and I was only gone for about...maybe 40 minutes, total (I know I've mentioned this before, but just gotta say: I love my doctor!). Oh well. I got some exercise and my blood pressure rebounded appropriately.

Oh! And I passed my glucose screening. Wahoo! So, I've now been given all appropriate shots and had all my blood work done and basic tests are finished; now I just have to keep my appointments to make sure all is going well and wait for baby to arrive.

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