Monday, June 23, 2008

Foods that make me a better mom

So, sorry about my rant earlier this morning.

In efforts to be a happier better person who focuses on the blessings in her life while learning patience and empathy for others, I thought I'd focus on a few helpful things that we have been enjoying...alot. I'm immensely grateful for them, else who knows what we'd be eating...

We enjoy these for breakfast, and found the best place to get them is at Costco. Granted, they do come in this huge box, so you must have room in the freezer for 60 waffles, but it's worth it (literally and figuratively) for us because we eat them so frequently... Almost every morning. Literally. I try to get my kids to eat cereal or eggs, but this is the most frequent request. And we've found that on Sunday mornings, when you are short on time, you can toast them, put a little butter on them and cut them up and put them into little sandwich bags and the kids can eat them in the car. Breakfast on the go at its finest.

Next, we have this fine option for snack time. I must ask, is there a better snack than these? Well, actually, yes. Many many many other fine things are wonderful snacks. However, this one is a snack that all three of my girls agree upon and Miss A feels great about serving to one and all. That makes them quite wonderful in my book.

And finally, we arrive at dinner. Indeed, who couldn't use a little help in the kitchen? We seem to enjoy Tuna helper, especially.

And on the other hand completely, I'm glad I'm not the only one having "a day." The girls have been really really good today, I have to say, but we are having an emotional unraveling right now concerning a bunch of Barbies. Miss E is convinced that a certain Barbie is HERS. Alas, it is not. It is, in fact, Miss A's Barbie...complete with the very bad hair cut that Miss A gave her and learned the very difficult lesson that Barbie's hair does not grow back, even if you try to tape it. A very difficult (albeit hysterical when parents rehash it later in the evening when finally out of her presences) lesson to learn.

Gentle Reader, much like our Polly Pockets collection, we have several Barbies. Many of them reside in the au natural state for most of their plastic lives, but we have them. Hopefully, Miss A and E will work this out. It sounds like they are already. Whew.

Now, if only I could convince Miss O that even IF Mommy is on the computer, that is not the sign that she, too, gets to be on the computer. Hmmmmmm. It doesn't seem to be working, and Miss O has thrown herself onto the floor. Wow. That's a lot of crying and (let's not forget to add) LOUD screaming and overall pitching a fit for not getting to get on the computer. If only you were here to admire this level of indignation on Miss O's part. Just gotta say it again, "Wow."

Okay. Well, I guess it may be time to go start my Hamburger helper for dinner.


Katie said...

Blogger stopped my comment last time - I'll try again. Have I mentioned lately how much moms rock? I have a hard enough time dealing with my own emotional unravellings, let alone dealing with children. ;-) You are amazing!

Adrienne said...

Okay, one of my kids' fave books right now is "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" which has the catch phrase "Wow. That's about all he could say. WOW." It's repeated a billion times in the book so the kids giggle and say it with you. I've found it so appropriate in life situations, like yours, where literally, all you can say is "Wow". That's about all you can say. WOW.