Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy day planned...and (just updated) some unexpected things.

So, Super J has been out and about this morning since the wee hours, pulling various neighbors mailboxes out of the ground. This is part of a neighborhood beautification opportunity that he set up to replace some plastic mailboxes (or other less attractive options) that were put in when the subdivision was built with some really sturdy, set in concrete mailbox posts. I think he's replacing about 30 of them. A local fence company has come out this morning to dig holes and pour the concrete and then once everything gets set, Super J will stain the posts and put on the mailboxes (maybe not in that order...I am not 100% sure the hows/whens parts of this project).

For me, I'm going to be getting stuff ready for my trip tomorrow. I'm heading to the next state to visit my MYSELF! Yay. This means I need to do laundry and get stuff ready for the girls to spend Friday with their aunt (while J is working). I'll be back Sunday afternoon. This is kind of a tradition I started when pregnant with Miss O and it was so nice.

This could be an interesting weekend for Super J. Yesterday evening, I got onto Miss E because she had fallen asleep and then would not WAKE UP. I mean, she'd wake up but then make herself comfy again to fall asleep. So, I had her come sit at the table until dinner was ready and served. This was maybe 5 minutes, and she grumped the entire time (and, let's be honest, who wouldn't?). It was, seriously, maybe 75 seconds after I set her plate in front of her that she started dry heaving and we rushed her to the bathroom where she puked.

AND another Mother of the Year award, gone. Whoosh. Just like that. Because there is nothing finer than the feel of being miffed with your child who turns out to be running a temp and is actually sick. Yay me.

Meanwhile, at this very moment, Miss O is in the office with me. I just took her off our second computer where she was pushing all the monitor buttons (a favorite thing for her to do, even though she knows it's a "no no".). So, she's sitting at my feet, trying hard to calm down because she is in a "calm down" time out.

Super J and I have noticed that Miss O is quite the combination of us, emotionally. She has this crazy courage and curiosity that I think she gets from her dad, but she also has this need to be recognized and acknowledged when she's upset and then she can calm herself...for the most part (which she gets from me). That is what is going on with the "calm down" time out (or "clam down" time out, as I just typed, which either one works for me).

Ugh. Why are shoes such a big issue? The girls want to go outside. That is GREAT with me. My girls each have croc-like shoes that they can just slip on. Except that Miss E wants to wear her tennis shoes. Fine. She just needs to be able to put them on herself. Ohhhhhhhhhhh the high and holy drama that now is unfolding.

Update 10 minutes later: Okay, just back from cleaning up some more puke from Miss E. Thank goodness Super J just came in and was able to assist. Holy cow, I need to get a clue that when Miss E is completely unwilling to compromise and seems off her game, well...There. Is. A. Reason. sigh. For now, though, gotta go and re-mop the floor which still smells of vomit. Hooray.

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