Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update 2: Approx 12 hours later

Allllllllrighty then. We have darkened up through the night hours. And, you can SO tell that it was our first time to go tanning.

Superman J (or Super J as he reminded me that he likes me to call him on the blog) has "tanned" much more evenly. For me, well...you can see my left hand is considerably darker on top whereas my right hand's palm is still several shades off normal. AND, I have discovered some definite non-intended tan lines and streaking. The most glaring is a running between my breastbone and my stomach is a strange inch wide, 6 inch long white streak, literally cutting me in half. It's nice to see that I do indeed have some color, but Super J says that I look like I'm an open heart surgery survivor. Okay, then.

I have to also mention that my toes...well...the barrier cream worked well on the toe nails, but where I slathered it and it spilled onto the actual flesh, my toes are their normal pasty white color. Where no slather, DARK "bronze." I look like a sad Michael Jackson experiment gone awry.

Overall, though, we are happy with it. I didn't sleep well because I kept smelling the stuff through the night (shades of new laundry detergent when Jason was out of town!), but I finally turned on the ceiling fan and slept much better.


Jennifer Lee said...

I kind of want to come over and see how you both look! Reading your summary totally made me laugh. I remember how the smell is a little weird, and you probably don't want to hear this, but it stays around as long as the tan does. Sorry about that.

Madelyn said...

I think it's awesome you guys went tanning together. How cute! I heard one of the spray tans can spray on muscles, like a 6 pack. =)