Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss A is in mourning

Ohhhhhhhhhh, the sadness of it all. Now, she DID see the color we were going to paint the house, but I guess it didn't really sink in until she saw the front of the house, which is a glorious brown taupe. I think it looks great. It also looks like some of our neighbors' places, which makes the taupe somewhat ubiquitous, but Luke has said that it's going to dry darker, so...whatever that means. Anyway, I love it.

But Miss A, for whom change is very very difficult, has declared that she wants the back left as it is...which is with all the trim painted taupe-brown, white caulking spots and faded green paint. This way, she reasons, we can all be happy.

Oh, uh huh?

I told her to think of it as a delicious chocolate cake. Nope. Not gonna do it. I told her that when she is older, she can paint her house whatever color she wants. This is ridiculous, I am told, as she will not be living in this house when she's old enough to paint it because we'll probably move (is she psychic????).

In any case, I do feel a little bad for her because there is a bit of nostalgia at looking at the green as it's being painted over. ...But not for long. :)

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Katie said...

How cute are you... "think of it as a delicious chocolate cake."