Friday, May 30, 2008

Let the Painting...BEGIN!!!!

So, they are painting...even as we speak. Well, I *smell* paint and I see buckets. Maybe they are still taping things, but it's going to commence very very soon. Yay!!!!

In preparation, we went out early-ish this morning and Super J trimmed around the house and *I* watered all our new trees and our garden. I say that because I'm not the biggest fan right now of outdoor yard work, but it was kinda fun. And I told Super J that I'd be willing to water trees if that would take the burden off of him, so he took me up on the offer this morning. Hate mud. Happy to help, though, so it balances out.

If you can imagine a compass, we are in the "East" position. Our neighbors to the "South" are also having their house painted by Luke and are currently having their house power washed (even as we speak) and our neighbors to the "North" of us are having their lawn mowed. LOADS of activity outside. Yay!!!!

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