Monday, May 19, 2008

100th post! And I'm drinking my "EasydeX 50"

Much like a flat Orange Crush soda, EasydeX 50 is very orange-y and sweet. I am embarrassed to admit, it's not so terrible. Hmmmm...what does this say about me.

One thing it says is that I am NOT one of those people who takes a nibble of cheesecake and exclaims, "Oh!!!! It's so rich! I can't have another bite!" Whatever. Bring it on, is what I say. And while I'm not crazy about this beverage, I've probably had worse from a fountain machine that's on the fritz. In fact, it probably tastes much like an undiluted slurpee...if it was frozen, it would probably give me a brain freeze.

With one last gulp...And now I'm done. Okay, must say the beginning was not terrible, but chugging it down in under 5 minutes...I don't think I was that thirsty. Oh well. It's done. And so is my shower, and Miss O is up (I need to feed her, though), and I think I may go brush my teeth. lol. Just one hour until they stick me with a needle. Ohhhhhh joy.

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