Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today, J came home for lunch while I was putting O down for her nap and when I saw him, he informed me that A told him that her uterus was hurting.


I asked her if her stomach was, she explained. Just her uterus. You'll be relieved to know that an hour later, her uterus felt just fine.

I believe, Gentle Reader, a bit of explanation is in order. We've been fairly frank with the girls about where the new baby is in my body because we didn't want them worrying that they might have a baby in their stomachs (which, trust me, one of my older girls would have fretted about), so they know that the new baby is growing in my uterus. They know that they, also, have a uterus because it's part of all girls bodies, and when they are older and married, they can have a baby grow in their uterus, too. We've described where it is in my body and that it's kind of a balloon-like room that gets bigger as the baby grows, but keeps the baby very safe and comfortable, etc., and helps to let the baby know when it's time to come out. They've taken it in stride, and I highly doubt anyone but A really has a clue about it, but like I said, at least E isn't worrying about eating something and getting a baby in her tummy (...oh yes...this is an issue. Remember, this is the 4th time we're doing this so we've learned something along the way).

I have to admit, though, I didn't see this possibility coming. I'll, uh, post further developments, should they arise (but let's all hope they don't). In the meantime, if you have the need for some jewlery, celebrating this little expanding balloon-like room, feel free to head on over to Luna Parc's creations. Seriously. How interesting a concept are these? And, yes, they are what you think they are.

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